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Chapter 1 Handling Of Linear Servo Motor; Design Instructions - Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual

Linear servo motor
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Handling of Linear Servo Motor
• MR-J5-_G_-RJ and MR-J5-_A_-RJ will be available in the future.
The linear servo motor uses a strong magnet on the secondary side. Incorrect handling is extremely dangerous and may
cause serious accidents. Please read this chapter and thoroughly understand the contents beforehand, and handle carefully.

Design Instructions

• Although dynamic brake can be applied by the servo amplifier, the coasting distance becomes longer when the mass of the
moving part is heavy or when the speed is high. This is highly dangerous and may result in collision into the stroke end.
Install anti-collision mechanism such as an air brake, or an electrical and mechanical stopper such as shock absorber to
reduce the impact of the movable part. (No linear servo motor with an electromagnetic brake is available.)
• The magnetic attraction force operating between the primary and secondary sides is always in operation even when the
linear servo motor power is not turned on. As such, the machine must be designed with sufficient rigidity to support the
magnetic attraction force and maintain the accuracy.
• Since the running load by friction increases in proportion to the magnetic attraction force, arrange to reduce friction as
much as possible, such as installing the linear guide with high accuracy.
• When the linear servo motor is used on a vertical axis, a drop prevention system such as a spring and counter balance is
required on the machine side.
• Install the linear servo motor in such a way for the thrust to operates on the center of gravity of the moving part. When the
thrust does not operates on the center of gravity of the moving part, the moment occurs.
• If magnetic chips such as iron fragments or the like is present, it may stick to the permanent magnet on the secondary side
and cause malfunction. In such environment, take measures to prevent adsorption and penetration of magnetic chips.
• Oil proof and dust proof measures for the linear encoder is required, more so than for the linear servo motor. Contact each
linear encoder manufacturer for details.
• Do not hit the primary side against the stopper. The primary side may be damaged. Arrange for the table attached to the
primary side to hit the stopper.
• Do not use the screw holes of the linear servo motor for any purposes, other than for machine installation.
• For installation, use all the screw holes provided in the linear servo motor.
• When a dangerous condition is presumed at the time of stoppage and product failure, prevent it by providing an external
braking system for maintenance use.
• Provide an adequate protection to prevent unexpected restart after an instantaneous power failure.
• Arrange for the primary and secondary side to satisfy the mounting dimensions.
• When using linear guide as base, check the specifications, and determine the processing accuracy. Contact each linear
guide manufacturer for details.
• Movable range of the linear servo motor should be equal to or less than the effective measurement length of the linear
• For the stopper, use shock-absorbing material such as polyurethane rubber.
• In the condition where cutting fluid or lubricating oil are constantly applied, and condensation occurs due to excessive
humidity, continuous operation of the linear servo motor for a long period of time may results in the deterioration on the
insulation of the linear servo motor. Provide measures such as oil proof, dust proof cover, and dew condensation prevention
to protect the linear servo motor.
• Arrange in consideration the installation work. For details of the installation, refer to the following and the "Installation"
section of each linear servo motor series.
Page 10 Instructions on installation operation
• For high-accuracy positioning, ensure that the machine to be as rigid as possible, and increase the mechanical resonance
• To ensure the utmost rigidity of the machines, adopt an integrated structure to the base. When using bolts, etc. as fastener
is inevitable, use thick bolt with shorter neck size. Make the pitch dimension of bolt holes as small as possible.
1 Handling of Linear Servo Motor
1.1 Design Instructions

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