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Instructions On Storage - Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual

Linear servo motor
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Secondary side (magnet)
As shown in the following diagram, for lifting the secondary side, attach eyebolts to the secondary side mounting screw hole.
When lifting the secondary side, to avoid the danger due to the magnetic attraction force, make the magnet face side upward,
and set the lifting points in four or more points.
Wire or others

Instructions on storage

Note the following when storing the linear servo motor for an extended period of time (guideline: three months or longer).
• Always store the linear servo motor indoors, in a clean and dry place.
• When storing in a dusty and humid area, take measures such as covering the whole product.
• Although the linear servo motor has been rust-proofed with paint and rust prevention oil before shipment, rust may appear
if the linear servo motor is stored in bad conditions for an extended period of time. When storing the linear servo motor for
longer than six months, apply rust prevention oil again to the machine processing surfaces such as the rotor rotating part.
• When the product has been stored for an extended period of time, contact your local sales office.
• Be sure to follow the storage conditions (ambient temperature and humidity, etc.).
• Store the product in the environment with no exposure to rain water, dust, oil, and chemical materials adhesion.
• Do not shock the servo amplifier or linear servo motor.
1 Handling of Linear Servo Motor
1.3 Instructions on storage
Magnet side face
Mounting part (yoke) side face
Mounting part (yoke)
side face
Magnet side face
Mounting part (yoke) side face
Magnet side face

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