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Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual page 46

Linear servo motor
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Installation of the secondary side (magnet)
• When the additional secondary side is mounted after one has been already set, slide the additional secondary side to
mount it in its specified position after setting it away from the already mounted one as shown in this section.
• Keep the cumulative pitch error of the mounting screw holes to within ±0.2 mm. When two or more secondary sides are
installed, clearance may be left between the secondary sides depending on the installing method and the number of
secondary sides.
When using multiple secondary sides, arrange the caution name plates attached to the product in the same direction to keep
the layout of magnetic poles.
Then, mount them with the following procedure to decrease the clearance between the secondary sides.
Use bolts to securely fix the secondary side which is to be the mounting standard.
Set the secondary side on the mounting face and fix it with bolts as temporary joint.
Press the secondary side fixed as temporary joint toward that to be a mounting standard.
Securely fix with bolts the secondary side fixed as temporary joint.
5 Linear servo motor
5.4 LM-U2 series
(Secondary side to be
a mounting standard)
(Secondary side to be
a mounting standard)
(Secondary side to be
a mounting standard)
(Secondary side to be
a mounting standard)

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