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Prevent Esd Damage; Site Environment; Site Considerations - Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Manual

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Prevent ESD Damage

• Look carefully for possible hazards in your work area, such as moist floors, ungrounded power extension
• If an electrical accident occurs:
• Use the chassis within its marked electrical ratings and product usage instructions.
• The chassis is equipped with an AC-input power supply, which is shipped with a three-wire electrical

Prevent ESD Damage

ESD occurs when electronic components are improperly handled, and it can damage equipment and impair
electrical circuitry, which can result in intermittent or complete failure of your equipment.
Always follow ESD-prevention procedures when removing and replacing components. Ensure that the chassis
is electrically connected to an earth ground. Wear an ESD-preventive wrist strap, ensuring that it makes good
skin contact. Connect the grounding clip to an unpainted surface of the chassis frame to safely ground ESD
voltages. To properly guard against ESD damage and shocks, the wrist strap and cord must operate effectively.
If no wrist strap is available, ground yourself by touching the metal part of the chassis.
For safety, periodically check the resistance value of the antistatic strap, which should be between one and
10 megohms.

Site Environment

Hardware Specifications, on page 11
To avoid equipment failures and reduce the possibility of environmentally caused shutdowns, plan the site
layout and equipment locations carefully. If you are currently experiencing shutdowns or unusually high error
rates with your existing equipment, these considerations may help you isolate the cause of failures and prevent
future problems.

Site Considerations

Considering the following helps you plan an acceptable operating environment for the chassis, and avoid
environmentally-caused equipment failures.
Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Guide
cables, frayed power cords, and missing safety grounds.
• Use caution; do not become a victim yourself.
• Disconnect power from the system.
• If possible, send another person to get medical aid. Otherwise, assess the condition of the victim,
and then call for help.
• Determine whether the person needs rescue breathing or external cardiac compressions; then take
appropriate action.
cord with a grounding-type plug that fits into a grounding-type power outlet only. Do not circumvent
this safety feature. Equipment grounding should comply with local and national electrical codes.
for information about physical specifications.
Installation Preparation



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