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Safety Recommendations; Maintain Safety With Electricity - Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Manual


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Installation Preparation
Statement 1040—Product Disposal
Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national laws and regulations.
Statement 1074—Comply with Local and National Electrical Codes
Installation of the equipment must comply with local and national electrical codes.
Statement 19—TN Power Warning
The device is designed to work with TN power systems.

Safety Recommendations

Observe these safety guidelines:
• Keep the area clear and dust free before, during, and after installation.
• Keep tools away from walkways, where you and others might trip over them.
• Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, or chains that could get caught in the
• Wear safety glasses if you are working under any conditions that might be hazardous to your eyes.
• Do not perform any action that creates a potential hazard to people or makes the equipment unsafe.
• Never attempt to lift an object that is too heavy for one person.

Maintain Safety with Electricity

Before working on a chassis, be sure the power cord is unplugged.
Be sure to read the REGULATORY & COMPLIANCE SAFETY INFORMATION document before installing
the chassis.
Follow these guidelines when working on equipment powered by electricity:
• Before beginning procedures that require access to the interior of the chassis, locate the emergency
• Do not work alone if potentially hazardous conditions exist anywhere in your work space.
• Never assume that power is disconnected; always check.
power-off switch for the room in which you are working. Then, if an electrical accident occurs, you can
act quickly to turn off the power.
Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Guide

Safety Recommendations



Table of Contents

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