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Remove And Replace A Power Supply - Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Manual

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Remove and Replace a Power Supply

Figure 33: Remove the Drive Tray
Drive tray screws ( two on each side)
Step 3
Install a new drive:
a) Place a new drive in the empty drive tray and install the four drive-tray screws.
b) With the ejector lever on the drive tray open, insert the drive tray into the empty drive bay.
c) Push the tray into the slot until it touches the backplane, and then close the ejector lever to lock the drive in place.
Remove and Replace a Power Supply
The AMP PC3000 ships with two power supplies, which are redundant and hot-swappable. One is the active
power supply and the other is the standby power supply (1+1).
This AMP PC3000 also supports cold redundancy. Depending on the power being drawn by the AMP PC3000,
one power supply might actively provide all power to the system while the remaining power supply is put
into a standby state. For example, if the power consumption can be satisfied by power supply 1, then power
supply 2 is put into a standby state.
When you replace power supplies, do not mix power supply types in the AMP PC3000. Both power supplies
must be the same wattage and Cisco PID.
Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Guide
Drive removed from drive tray
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