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Mount the Chassis
Front of chassis
Step 2
Open the front securing plate on both slide-rail assemblies. The front end of the slide-rail assembly has a spring-loaded
securing plate that must be open before you can insert the mounting pegs into the rack-post holes.
On the outside of the assembly, push the green arrow button toward the rear to open the securing plate.
Figure 29: Front Securing Mechanism, Inside of Front End
Front mounting pegs
Securing plate shown pulled back to open
Step 3
Install the slide rails into the rack:
a) Align one slide-rail assembly front end with the front rack-post holes that you want to use.
The slide rail front end wraps around the outside of the rack post and the mounting pegs enter the rack-post holes
from the outside-front.
The rack post must be between the mounting pegs and the open securing plate.
b) Push the mounting pegs into the rack-post holes from the outside-front.
c) Press the securing plate release button, marked "PUSH." The spring-loaded securing plate closes to lock the pegs in
d) Attach the second slide-rail assembly to the opposite side of the rack. Make sure that the two slide-rail assemblies
are at the same height with each other and are level front-to-back.
e) Pull the inner slide rails on each assembly out toward the rack front until they hit the internal stops and lock in place.
Step 4
Insert the chassis into the slide rails:
a) Align the rear of the inner rails that are attached to the chassis sides with the front ends of the empty slide rails on
the rack.
b) Push the inner rails into the slide rails on the rack until they stop at the internal stops.
c) Slide the release clip toward the rear on both inner rails, and then continue pushing the chassis into the rack until its
front slam latches engage with the rack posts
Locking clip on inner rail
Rack post
Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Guide
Rack-Mount the Chassis


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