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Power Supply Considerations; Rack Configuration Considerations - Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Manual


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Installation Preparation
• Electrical equipment generates heat. Ambient air temperature might not be adequate to cool equipment
• Ensure that the chassis cover is secure. The chassis is designed to allow cooling air to flow effectively
• Always follow ESD-prevention procedures to avoid damage to equipment. Damage from static discharge

Power Supply Considerations

Power Supply, on page 10
When installing the chassis, consider the following:
• Check the power at the site before installing the chassis to ensure that it is free of spikes and noise. Install
• Install proper grounding for the site to avoid damage from lightning and power surges.
• The chassis does not have a user-selectable operating range. Refer to the label on the chassis for the
• Several styles of AC-input power supply cords are available for the chassis; make sure that you have the
• If you are using dual redundant (1+1) power supplies, we recommend that you use independent electrical
• Install an uninterruptible power source for your site, if possible.

Rack Configuration Considerations

Rack-Mount the Chassis, on page 27
Consider the following when planning a rack configuration:
• If you are mounting a chassis in an open rack, make sure that the rack frame does not block the intake
• Be sure enclosed racks have adequate ventilation. Make sure that the rack is not overly congested as each
• In an enclosed rack with a ventilation fan in the top, heat generated by equipment near the bottom of the
• Baffles can help to isolate exhaust air from intake air, which also helps to draw cooling air through the
to acceptable operating temperatures without adequate circulation. Make sure that the room in which
you operate your system has adequate air circulation.
within it. An open chassis allows air leaks, which may interrupt and redirect the flow of cooling air from
the internal components.
can cause immediate or intermittent equipment failure.
for more detailed information about the power supply in the chassis.
a power conditioner, if necessary, to ensure proper voltages and power levels in the appliance-input
correct appliance input-power requirement.
correct style for your site.
circuits for each power supply.
or exhaust ports.
chassis generates heat. An enclosed rack should have louvered sides and a fan to provide cooling air.
rack can be drawn upward and into the intake ports of the equipment above it in the rack. Ensure that
you provide adequate ventilation for equipment at the bottom of the rack.
chassis. The best placement of the baffles depends on the airflow patterns in the rack. Experiment with
different arrangements to position the baffles effectively.
for the procedure for rack-mounting the chassis.
Cisco AMP PC3000 Hardware Installation Guide

Power Supply Considerations



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