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Prevent Electrostatic Discharge Damage - Cisco NCS 1004 Hardware Installation Manual

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Safety Guidelines
Figure 5: Class 1M Laser Product Label

Prevent Electrostatic Discharge Damage

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage equipment and impair electrical circuitry. ESD may occur when
electronic printed circuit cards are improperly handled and can cause complete or intermittent failures. When
removing and replacing modules, always follow these ESD prevention procedures:
• Ensure that the device chassis is electrically connected to earth ground.
• Wear an ESD-preventive wrist strap, ensuring that it makes good skin contact.
• Handle components by only their handles or edges; do not touch the printed circuit boards or connectors.
• Avoid contact between the printed circuit boards and clothing. The wrist strap only protects components
from ESD voltages on the body; ESD voltages on clothing can still cause damage.
Prevent Electrostatic Discharge Damage
Hardware Installation Guide for Cisco NCS 1004



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