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Operational Safety; Operational Guidelines; Ozone Release; Kiosk Location - Xerox Instant Print Kiosk User Manual

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Operational Safety

Your kiosk and supplies are designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. The requirements
include safety agency examination, approval, and compliance with established environmental
Your attention to the following safety guidelines helps to ensure the continued, safe operation of your
O O p p e e r r a a t t i i o o n n a a l l G G u u i i d d e e l l i i n n e e s s
• Do not remove any paper trays while the kiosk is printing.
• Do not open the doors when the kiosk is printing.
• Do not move the kiosk when it is printing.
• Keep hands, hair, neckties, jewelry, and so on, away from the exit and feed rollers.
• Covers that require tools for removal protect the hazardous areas within the kiosk. Do not remove
the protective covers.
• Do not override any electrical or mechanical interlock devices.
• Do not attempt to remove paper that is jammed deeply inside the product. Power off the kiosk
promptly and contact your local Xerox
• Ensure that the rear right cover is attached. Open this cover to connect an interface cable.
O O z z o o n n e e R R e e l l e e a a s s e e
This kiosk produces ozone during normal operation. The amount of ozone produced depends on copy
volume. Ozone is heavier than air and is not produced in amounts large enough to harm anyone.
Install the kiosk in a well-ventilated room.
For details in the United States and Canada, go to
K K i i o o s s k k L L o o c c a a t t i i o o n n
• Place the kiosk on a level, solid, non-vibrating surface that is strong enough to hold its weight. To
find the weight for your kiosk configuration, refer to
• Do not block or cover the slots or openings on the kiosk. These openings provide ventilation and
prevent the overheating of the kiosk.
• To ensure space for operation and servicing, place the kiosk in an amply sized area.
• Place the kiosk in a dust-free area.
• Do not store or operate the kiosk in an extremely hot, cold, or humid environment. For details,
refer to
• Do not place the kiosk near a heat source.
• Do not place the kiosk in direct sunlight.
• Do not place the kiosk in locations susceptible to vibrations.
• To avoid exposure to light-sensitive components, do not place the kiosk directly in a cold air flow
from an air conditioning system.
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