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Loading Paper; Identifying Non-Default Media At The Kiosk User Interface; Loading Paper In Trays 1-4 - Xerox Instant Print Kiosk User Manual

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Loading Paper

I I d d e e n n t t i i f f y y i i n n g g N N o o n n - - D D e e f f a a u u l l t t M M e e d d i i a a a a t t t t h h e e K K i i o o s s k k U U s s e e r r
I I n n t t e e r r f f a a c c e e
When loading non-default media into any of the paper trays, it is necessary to log in to the device as
administrator and identify the size and type of the loaded media. For details, refer to the System
Administrator Guide at
The Xerox Instant Print Kiosk supports various paper and other media types. For details,
refer to
L L o o a a d d i i n n g g P P a a p p e e r r i i n n T T r r a a y y s s 1 1 – – 4 4
1. Open the front door, if installed.
2. Pull out the tray until it stops.
3. Remove any paper that is a different size or type than the paper to be used.
4. To move out the length and width guides:
a. Pinch the guide lever on each guide.
b. Slide the guides outward until they stop.
Paper and Media
Instant Print Kiosk
User Guide


Table of Contents

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