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Emergency Power Off; User Guide - Xerox Instant Print Kiosk User Manual

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• Do not use a ground adapter plug to connect the kiosk to an electrical outlet that does not have a
ground connection terminal.
Avoid the potential of electrical shock by ensuring that the kiosk is grounded
properly. Electrical products can be hazardous if misused.
• Verify that the kiosk is plugged into an outlet that provides the correct voltage and power. Review
the electrical specification of the kiosk with an electrician, if necessary.
• Do not place the kiosk in an area where people can step on the power cords.
• Do not place objects on the power cords.
• If either of the power cords becomes frayed or worn, replace the cord immediately.
• Do not unplug or plug the power cords while the kiosk is powered on.
• To avoid electrical shock and damage to the cords, when unplugging the power cords, grasp the
• The electrical outlet must be near the kiosk and must be easily accessible.
The power cords are attached to the kiosk as plug-in devices on the back of the kiosk. If it is necessary
to disconnect all electrical power from the kiosk, disconnect the power cords from the electrical outlet.
For details, refer to
Powering On and Off the
E E m m e e r r g g e e n n c c y y P P o o w w e e r r O O f f f f
If any of the following conditions occur, power off the kiosk immediately, then disconnect the power
cords from the electrical outlet. Contact an authorized Xerox
• The equipment emits unusual odors or makes unusual noises.
• The power cords are damaged or frayed.
• A wall panel circuit breaker, fuse, or other safety device is tripped.
• Liquid is spilled into the kiosk.
• The kiosk is exposed to water.
• Any part of the kiosk is damaged.
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Table of Contents

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