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Electrical Safety; General Guidelines; Power Cord Safety Information - Xerox Instant Print Kiosk User Manual

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Electrical Safety

G G e e n n e e r r a a l l G G u u i i d d e e l l i i n n e e s s
• Do not push objects into slots or openings on the kiosk. Touching a voltage point or shorting
out a part could result in fire or electric shock.
• Do not remove covers or guards fastened with screws unless you are installing optional
equipment and are instructed to do so. Power off the kiosk when performing these
installations. Disconnect the power cords when removing covers and guards for installing
optional equipment. Except for user-installable options, there are no parts that you can
maintain or service behind these covers.
The following are hazards to your safety:
• The power cords are damaged or frayed.
• Liquid is spilled into the kiosk.
• The kiosk is exposed to water.
• The kiosk emits smoke or the surface is unusually hot.
• The kiosk emits unusual noise or odors.
• The kiosk causes a circuit breaker, fuse, or other safety device to activate.
• Any part of the kiosk is damaged.
If any of these conditions occurs, do the following:
1. Power off the kiosk immediately.
2. Disconnect the power cords from the electrical outlet.
3. Call an authorized service representative.
P P o o w w e e r r C C o o r r d d S S a a f f e e t t y y I I n n f f o o r r m m a a t t i i o o n n
Before operating your kiosk, read the following instructions carefully. For details, contact your Xerox
• The electrical supply for the device must meet the requirements stated on the data plate on
the rear of the device. If you are not sure that your electrical supply meets the requirements,
consult your local electricity provider or a licensed electrician.
• Do not use an extension cord.
• Do not remove or modify the power cords.
• Refer to these instructions to ensure the continued safe operation of your kiosk.
• Use the power cords supplied with your kiosk.
• Plug the power cords directly into a properly grounded electrical outlet. Ensure that each end of
the cord is connected securely. If you do not know if an outlet is grounded, ask an electrician to
check the outlet.
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Table of Contents

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