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Fault Diagnostics; Draining - Bosch SRU53E05AU Repair Instructions

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Customer complaint
Pump is running audibly, but
conveying no or little water
Pump is buzzing audibly
Pump is not running
Appliance drains water
briefly, circulates water,
drains water, etc.
815_58300000120057_ara_en_d.doc – 25.05.11
Filter system blocked
Trap in the inlet spigot (pump sump) dirty.
Non-return flap is stuck in the outlet
Outlet hose blocked
Pump mechanically blocked
(foreign objects or damaged pump)
See also pump is buzzing or running audibly
Tap was turned off during drying, the heat
exchanger has still not been filled, the filling
switch is waiting for level
The pump is not activated
Alternate pumping (detergent-solution pump
and circulation pump are actuated alternately)
Remedial action
Advise customer,
see operating instructions for cleaning the filter. Clean the filter.
Advise customer. Clean the trap in the intake spigot of the pump.
Remove non-return valve. Check if valve and seat are dirty and,
if required, clean.
Remove blockage (do not forget the hoses in the appliance),
blockage in the area of the hose connection at the water inlet;
to check, remove both drainage hoses.
Clean pump or, if required,
remove pump
To improve the retention of foreign objects, it is recommended
to insert the auxiliary filter 428216 into the coarse filter.
Advise customer, wait for programme sequence and then turn off
tap. (Refer to Aqua Stop if featured)
Check pump and actuation (test programme) according to circuit
Follow safety instructions
Advise customer.
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