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Functions; In 1 Detergents - Bosch SRU53E05AU Repair Instructions

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3 in 1 detergents

Detection function
If combined detergent products (e.g. 3 in 1) are used, the drying result
will be worse. To improve the drying result, a special programme se-
quence with less water is started in the intermediate rinse cycles. In
addition, the final rinse temperature is increased by 3K (as for inten-
sive drying). The heat exchanger is filled a second time in the drying
cycle with the saved water for subsequent drying support.
The special programme sequence is activated if:
the electronics module detects low rinse aid
rinse-aid refill indicator is deactivated
The "Intensive drying" additional function can still be selected, but it has
no effect on the rinse-aid temperature.
The maximum temperature increase is 3 K.
Application area
3 in 1 detergents have an application range up to a water hardness of
21 °dH (37 °fH, 26 °Clarke, 3.7 mmol/l). The water softening system
does not need to be activated up to 21 °dH.
If water hardness is above 21 °dH, the water softening system must be
activated and the hardness range set to 6.
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