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Level Sensor With Safety Function - Bosch SRU53E05AU Repair Instructions

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Level sensor with safety function

A Safety level switch
B Safety level float
C To the pump sump
815_58300000120057_ara_en_d.doc – 25.05.11
D Float in the base pan
E From the water softening system
F - - -
If the dishwasher controller or components malfunction, causing the
machine to overfill, the valve combination is closed via the safety
system, shutting off the water supply.
The drainage pump is switched on via the safety level switch (A).
Pumping continues until the safety level switch (A) switches back
again. Any leaks inside the machine are collected in the base pan.
Any leaks in the supply hose are conveyed to the base pan via the
leakage water hose.
Once a predefined level has been reached in the base pan (D), the
float uses a switch lever to actuate the safety level switch (A) which
then electrically switches off the filling and safety valve. At the same
time the drainage pump is switched on, the detergent solution is
removed from the rinsing tank and the drainage pump switches to
continuous operation.
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