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Bosch SRU53E05AU Repair Instructions page 54

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Detergent residue (see additional information in the general repair
Customer complaint
Detergent residue
815_58300000120057_ara_en_d.doc – 25.05.11
Detergent cover blocked by utensils
(does not open fully)
Detergent cover does not open fully
Wrong programme selected
Tablets used in quick or short programme
Incorrect application of tablets
(note use in dispenser or cutlery basket)
Spray arm nozzles blocked (filters locked)
Dispensing device in spray shadow
(large pan, etc. positioned at bottom left)
Check draining, non-return valve
Detergent very lumpy, washing effect and dissolving
performance reduced
Remedial action
Advise customer, dishwasher not loaded properly
Replace spring of dispensing device
Advise customer
Tablet dissolving time is too long
Advise customer, follow instructions for use of the
Advise customer
Advise customer
See food remnants
Advise customer
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