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Bosch SRU53E05AU Repair Instructions page 55

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Damage to utensils
(see additional information in the general repair instructions)
Customer complaint
Initial or already
Hardness range set too high, residual hardness in wash
irreversible glass clouding
cycle or final rinse < 5° dH
Glasses not dishwasher-proof
(glasses are usually only suitable for dishwasher)
Too intensive programme selected
Reaction time of steam in drying cycle too long
Mechanical damage
Scratches caused by contact points/surfaces with other
(scratches or breakage)
Utensils pale
Utensils pale
Rust on the cutlery
Cutlery corrosion: cutlery not dishwasher-proof
(knife/knife blade steel is usually less resistant to corrosion)
Rust film: Infection caused by corroding utensils or utensil
815_58300000120057_ara_en_d.doc – 25.05.11
Remedial action
Optimise setting according to measurement
Advise customer
Advise customer, select a low programme for glasses
(low temperature < 50 °C)
Advise customer, do not switch on the appliance
and wait a few hours before removing the utensils; e.g.
over night
Advise customer, avoid touching utensils when loading
Advise customer, use dishes that are suitable for
Use cutlery that is suitable for dishwashers!
(higher chromium/nickel contents, at least 18/8
or 18/10)
Advise customer, do not wash any rusting parts,
e.g. old pan, in the dishwasher!
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