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Test Run - Haier Smart Power Series Service Manual

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8) Installing the air-inlet grille.
Install the air-inlet grille with the steps opposite to that
for removing.
For reference
The method for removing angle trim panels when the
installation of trim panel is complete:
1) Insert a straight screwdriver in the notch ① . Gently
turn the screwdriver downward, and slowly insert it in,
and then move it up and down to make the angle fall
2) Make the angle ② and ③ fall off in the same way.
3) Take off the angle trim panel by hand.

8. Test run

8.1 Check items
1. Indoor unit
• Is operation of each button on the remote control unit normal?
• Does each lamp light normally?
• Do not air flow direction louvers operate normally?
• Is the drain normal?
2. Outdoor unit
• Is there any abnormal noise and vibration during operation?
• Will noise, wind, or drain water from the unit disturb the neighbors?
• Is there any gas leakage?
Customer guidance
Explain the following to the customer in accordance with the operation manual:
(1) Starting and stopping method, operation switching, temperature adjustment, timer, air flow switching, and other
remote control unit operations.
(2) Air filter removal and cleaning, and how to use air louvers.
(3) Give the operation and installation manuals to the customer.

8.2 Test run

This unit will be started instantly without "ON" operation when electric power is supplied. Be sure to execute "OFF"
operation before electric power is disconnected for servicing.
• This unit has a function of automatic restart system after recovering power stoppage
1. Before starting test run (for Heat pump models)
Confirm whether the power source breaker (main switch) of the unit has been turned on for over
12 hrs to energize the crankcase heater in advance of operation.
2. Test run
• Run the unit continuously for about 30 minutes, and check the following. Suction pressure at check joint of service
valve for gas pipe.
• Discharge pressure at check joint on the compressor discharge pipe.
• Temperature difference between return air and supply air for indoor unit.
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