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Haier 1UH071N1ERG Installation Manual

Split system air conditioner
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No. 0150518634 H
This product must only be installed or serviced by qualified personnel.
Please read this manual carefully before installation.
Keep this operation manual for future reference.
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLATION MANUAL 1UH071N1ERG 1UH090N1ERG 1UH105N1ERG Contents Definitions Safety considerations Before installation 1UH125P1ERG Selecting installation site 1UH140P1ERG Precautions on installation Refrigerant pipe size and allowable 1UH160P1ERG pipe length 1UH125P1ERK Refrigerant piping Leak test andvacuum drying 1UH140P1ERK Charging refrigerant...
  • Page 2 Haier Industrial Park,Qianwangang Road,Eco-Tech Development Zone,Qingdao 266555,Shandong,P.R.C. EUROPEAN REGULATIONS IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGA- CONFORMITY FOR THE MODELS RDING THE REFRIGERANT USED Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol All the products are in conformity with the following European provision:...
  • Page 3 WARNING f the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. his appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Page 4: Installation Manual

    Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not instructions in this manual, but which are not supplied by avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury. It may Haier. also be used to alert against unsafe practices. NOTICE Indicates situations that may result in equipment or 2.
  • Page 5 When service panels are removed, live parts can easily Make sure that all wiring is secure, using the specified be touched by accident, Never leave the unit unattended wires and ensuring that external forces do not act on the during installation or servicing when the service panel is terminal connections or wires.
  • Page 6: Before Installation

    Where there is machinery which emits electromagnetic Check the following if the ground-fault circuit interrupter is waves. triggered: Electromagnetic waves may disturb the control system, Make sure that the interrupter is compatible with high andcause malfunction of the equipment. frequencies. Where flammable gases may leak, where carbon fiber This unit has an inverter, so an interrupter capable of or ignitable dust is suspended in the air or where volatile...
  • Page 7: Selecting Installation Site

    3.5. Accessories - Do not climb, sit or stand on top of the unit. - Be sure that sufficient precautions are taken, in Check if the following accessories are included with the unit: accordance with applicable legislation, in case of See the figure below for the location of the accessories.
  • Page 9: Precautions On Installation

    If the coating on the fastening area is stripped off, the 5. Precautions on installation nuts rust easily. Dimensions (bottom view)(unit of measurement:mm) NOTICE If drain holes of the outdoor unit are covered by a mounting base or by floor surface, raise the unit in order to provide a free space of more than 130mm under the outdoor unit.
  • Page 10: Refrigerant Pipe Size And Allowable

    5.3. Drain pipe disposal When barriers exist above the unit Make sure the drain works properly. In regions where buildups of snow can be expected, the accumulation and freezing of snow in the space between the heat exchanger and external plate may lower operating efficiency.
  • Page 11 6.1. Necessary Tools and Materials Prepare the following tools and materials necessary for installing and servicing the unit. Necessary tools for use with R410A(Adaptability of tools that are for use with R22 and R407C). 1. To be used exclusively with R410A ( Not to be used if used with R22 or R407C ) Tools/Materials Notes Gauge Manifold...
  • Page 12 6.2. Piping Materials Types of Copper Pipes (Reference) Maximum Operation Pressure Applicable Refrigerants 3.4MPa R22, R407C 4.15MPa R410A Use pipes that meet the local standards. Piping Materials/Radial Thickness Use pipes made of phosphorus deoxidized copper. Since the operation pressure of the units that use R410A is higher than that of the units for use with R22, use pipes with at least the radial thickness specified in the chart below.
  • Page 13: Refrigerant Piping

    50m. connecting Model Pipe Diameter method of pipe No compressor breakdown has occurred in the history 1UH071N1ERG 1UH090N1ERG of the unit to be replaced. Liquid pipe 9.52mm 1UH105N1ERG 1UH125P1ERG flaring A correct pump down operation can be executed: connection 1UH125P1ERK 1UH140P1ERG Gas pipe 15.88mm...
  • Page 14 Precautions for refrigerant piping Cutting out the two slits makes it possible to install as shown in the figure "Field pipes in 4 directions". Do not twist or crush piping. (Use a metal saw to cut out the slits.) Be sure that no dust is mixed in piping. To install the connecting pipe to the unit in a downward Bend piping with as wide angle as possible.
  • Page 15: Leak Test Andvacuum Drying

    If the temperature is higher than 30 and the humidity is higher than RH 80 , then thickness of the sealing materials NOTICE should be at least 20mm in ouder to avoid condensation on the surface of the sealing. Do not purge the air with refrigerants. Use a vacuum Be sure to insulate the liquid and gas-side field piping.
  • Page 16: Charging Refrigerant

    This unit requires additional charging of refrigerant according to the length of refrigerant piping connected INFORMATION at the site. Make sure to charge the refrigerant in liquid state to the After opening the stop valve, it is possible that the liquid pipe.
  • Page 17: Electrical Wiring Work

    To persons in charge of electrical wiring work: Do not oerate the unit until the refrigerant piping is complete. (Running it before the piping is ready will break the compressor.) 1UH071N1ERG 2.5 2.5 2.95 3.4 1UH090N1ERG 2.5 2.5 2.95 3.4 3.85...
  • Page 18 1 2 3 a contact separation in all poles, must be incorporated terminal blocks in the fixed wiring in accordance with applicable legislation. 1UH071N1ERG Do not turn on the main switch until all the wiring is completed. Power supply: Make sure to connect power supply cables in normal 1PH,220-240V~, phase.
  • Page 19: Test Operation

    Form the wires and fix the cover fimmly so that the cover 11.1. Pre-run checks may be fit in properly. When you do not use a wire conduit, be sure to protect the wires with vinyl tubes to revent the edge of the knock- Items to check out hole from cutting the wires.
  • Page 20 11.3 Before Installing (Relocating) the Unit or Performing Electric Work CAUTION Ground the unit. Do not spray water on the air conditioners or immerse the air conditioners in water. Do not connect the grounding on the unit to gas pipes,water pipes, lightning rods, or the grounding terminals of Water on the unit presents a risk of electric shock.
  • Page 21 11.4. Failure diagnosis...
  • Page 23: Move And Scrap The Air Conditioning

    12. Move and scrap the air conditioning When moving, to disassemble and re-install the air conditioning, please contact your dealer for technical support. In the composition material of air conditioning, the content of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers are not more than 0.1% (mass fraction) and cadmium is not more than 0.01% (mass fraction).
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