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Haier ADH071M1ERG Operation Manual And Installation Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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No. 0150519050
This product must only be installed or serviced by qualified personnel.
Please read this manual carefully before installation.
Keep this operation manual for future reference.
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    DUCT TYPE AIR CONDITIONER OPERATION MANUAL AND INSTALLATION MANUAL ADH071M1ERG ADH071M3ERG ADH090M1ERG Contents Cautions ADH105M1ERG Safety Precautions ADH125M1ERG Parts and Functions Heating Mode ADH140M1ERG Care and Maintenance Troubleshooting Accessories Precaution for Installation Is The Unit Installed Correctly Installation Procedure ADH105H1ERG...
  • Page 2 Haier Industrial Park,Qianwangang Road,Eco-Tech Development Zone,Qingdao 266555,Shandong,P.R.C. DISPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGA- RDING THE REFRIGERANT USED Your air conditioning product is marked with this symbol.This means that electrical and electronic products shall not be mixed with unsorted Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases household waste.Do not try to dismantle the...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Cautions Disposal of the old air conditioner Before disposing an old air conditioner that goes out of use, please make sure it's inoperative and safe. Unplug the air conditioner in order to avoid the risk of child entrapment. It must be noticed that air conditioner system contains refrigerants, which require specialized waste disposal. The valuable materials contained in a air conditioner can be recycled.
  • Page 4 For installation of separately sold component parts, ask a specialist only. Be sure to use separately sold component parts designated by Haier. Incomplete installation performed by yourself may result in a water leakage, electric shock or fire.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Before starting to use the system, read carefully this "SAFETY PRECAUTIONS" to ensure a proper operation of the system. Safety precautions described here are classified to " WARNING" and " CAUTION". Precautions which are shown in the column of " WANING"...
  • Page 6 Safety Precautions CAUTIONS FOR OPERATION WARNING You should refrain from exposing your body directly Do not poke the air inlet or outlet with a bar, etc. When any abnormal condition (scorching smell or to cool wind for a long time. others) is found, stop the operation immediately and turn off the power switch.
  • Page 7 8. The indoor unit installation height is at least 2.5m. 9. A leakage breaker must be installed. 10.1 FOR ADH071M1ERG, ADH090M1ERG, we can get the 4 different ESP through adjust the indoor unit PCB SW1-4 and SW1-5, please refer below:...
  • Page 8: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions ADH071M1ERG ADH071M3ERG ADH090M1ERG Electrical components Case Air outlet frame The pump Evaporator drain opening Drain pan ADH105M1ERG ADH125M1ERG ADH140M1ERG Air outlet frame Electrical components Case Drain pan Evaporator The pump drain opening ADH105H1ERG ADH125H1ERG ADH140H1ERG ADH160H1ERG Air outlet frame...
  • Page 9 Parts and Functions 1118 DRAIN 25 OD 1330 NOTE: 1.Open the cover 1, disconnect the four bolts(1-4) and take out the fan motor assembly. 2.Open the cover plate 2 and the coamng,disconnect the six screws(A-F) and take out the evaporaor assembly ELECTRICAL 1221 FIXED MTG CTRS...
  • Page 10: Heating Mode

    Heating Mode "HOT KEEP" function "HOT KEEP" is operated in the following cases. When heating is started: In order to prevent blowing out of cool wind, the indoor unit fan stopped according to the room temperature which heating operation is started. Wait for approx. 2 to 3 minute, and the operation will be automatically changed to the ordinary heating mode.
  • Page 11: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Points to observe Turn off the power supply switch. Do not touch with wet hand. Do not use hot water or volatile liquid. Do not Thinner use! Benzine Tooth powder CAUTION Do not open the inlet grill until fan stops completely. Fan will continue rotating for a while by the law of inertia after operation is being stopped.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Please check the following things about your air conditioner before making a service call. Unit fails to start Is the power source switch Is city supply power in Isn't the signal receiving Isn't the earth leakage breaker adjust cut in? normal? section exposed to the direct in action?
  • Page 13 Troubleshooting INDOOR UNIT TROUBLE SHOOTING LED flash times Wired of indoor PCB Contents of Malfunction Possible reasons controller display LED4 LED3 Malfunction of indoor unit Sensor disconected,or broken, or at ambient temperature sensor wrong position,or short circuit Malfunction of indoor unit Sensor disconected,or broken,or at piping temperature sensor wrong position,or short circuit...
  • Page 14: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories supplied with the indoor unit:for ADH071/090/105/125/140/160 series. Name of parts Quantity Note Shape Connection between the wired remote Signal line control and electric control board Wired controller For Air conditioner operation 3/8" Brass nut (liquid side) For tightening the Connecting pipe 5/8"...
  • Page 15 Accessories ADH200H1ERG/ADH250H1ERG name Quantity Descriptions Shape Connection between the Signal line wired remote control and electric control board For Air conditioner Remote controller operation 1/2 Brass nut (liquid side) For tightenning the Connecting pipe 3/4 Brass nut (gas side) Coupler heat For indoor side pipe insulation(gas side) joint(gas side)
  • Page 16: Precaution For Installation

    Precaution for Installation Please read these "Safety Precautions" first and then accurately execute the installation work. Though the precautionary points indicated herein are divided under two headings, WARNING CAUTION , those points which are related to the strong possibility of an installation done in error resulting in death or serious injury are listed in the WARNING section.
  • Page 17: Is The Unit Installed Correctly

    Is The Unit Installed Correctly Confirm the following items for safe and comfortable use of air conditioner. The installation work is to be burden on the sales dealer, and do not conduct it by yourself. Installation place Avoid installing the air conditioner near Install the air conditioner firmly on the Install the unit at well ventilated place.
  • Page 18: Adh105H1Erg Adh125H1Erg Adh140H1Erg Adh160H1Erg

    Installation and use at such places cause corrosion in the heat exchanger and damage in molded synthetic resin parts. Places adjacent to equipment generating electromagnetic waves or high-frequency waves such as in hospitals. Generated noise may cause malfunctioning of the controller. Pipe size Model Liquid side Gas side ADH071M1ERG ADH071M3ERG ADH090M1ERG ADH105M1ERG 9.52mm 15.88mm ADH125M1ERG ADH140M1ERG...
  • Page 19 Ceiling ~ panel Panel dimensions AIR OUTLET wrap dimensions Dimensions A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) Model 1433 1493 ADH071M1ERG ADH071M3ERG ADH090M1ERG ADH105M1ERG ADH125M1ERG 1556 2006 2066 ADH140M1ERG ADH105H1ERG ADH125H1ERG 1285 1373 1163 1046 ADH140H1ERG ADH160H1ERG ADH200H1ERG ADH250H1ERG 1221 1330...
  • Page 20 Installation Procedure Indoor Unit Installation & Maintenance 1. GENERAL Follow these Instructions to ensure the optimum performance, reliability and durability. Units must be installed in accordance with all national and regional regulations and bylaws. National Health and Safety regulations must to followed to avoid personal injuries. The appropriate permits must be acquired and adhered to Seismic restraints must be fitted if required.
  • Page 21 The size of drain opening socket before tightening securely using the attached drain Unit model The size of drain opening hose and clamp. Adhesive must not be used for connection ADH071M1ERG of the drain socket and drain hose (accessory). ADH071M3ERG ADH090M1ERG 32mm(O.D.)
  • Page 22 Installation Procedure Drain Pipe (e) When constructing drain piping for several units, position Taking the ADH**H serials as an example, the installation the common pipe about 100 mm below the drain outlet of of the drain pipe is the following. each unit as shown in the sketch.
  • Page 23 Installation Procedure Drain Pipe Drainage Test Conduct a drainage test after completion of the electrical work. Insert water supply hose During the trial, make sure that drain flows properly through the for 20 mm ~ 30 mm to supply water. piping and that no water leaks from connections.
  • Page 24 Leak (minimum) Model breaker protector breaker(A) current(mA) rated capacity ADH071M1ERG ADH071M3ERG ADH090M1ERG ADH105M1ERG ADH125M1ERG ADH140M1ERG ADH105H1ERG ADH125H1ERG ADH140H1ERG ADH160H1ERG ADH200H1ERG ADH250H1ERG Electric work The electric work must be burden on the authorized engineer with qualification for electric work and grounding work, and the work must be conducted in accordance with electric equipment technical standard.
  • Page 25 Installation Procedure Electrical wiring Wiring connection Make wiring to supply power to the outdoor unit, so that the power for the indoor unit is supplied by outdoor unit. Outdoor 3 phase type Outdoor single phase type Except ADH071M3ERG Indoor unit Indoor unit terminal block terminal block...
  • Page 26: Move And Scrap The Air Conditioning

    Move and scrap the air conditioning When moving, to disassemble and re-install the air conditioning, please contact your dealer for technical support. In the composition material of air conditioning, the content of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers are not more than 0.1% (mass fraction) and cadmium is not more than 0.01% (mass fraction). Please recycle the refrigerant before scrapping, moving, setting and repairing the air conditioning;...
  • Page 28 Address:Haier Industrial Park,Qianwangang Road,Eco-Tech Development Zone,Qingdao 266555,Shandong,P.R.C. Contacts: TEL +86-532-88936943; FAX +86-532-8893-6999 Website: