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BLADEZ METRON GS Owner's Manual page 23

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E. Body Types:
There are 9 body types divided according to the FAT% calculated. Type 1 (Under Fat) is
from 5% to 9%. Type 2 (Very Lean) is from 10% to 14%. Type 3 (Lean) is from 15%
to 19%. Type 4 (Average) is from 20% to 24%. Type 5 (Above Average Fat) is from 25%
to 29%. Type 6 (Fat) is from 30% to 34%. Type 7 (Over Fat) is from 35% to 39%. Type
8 (Obese) is from 40% to 44%. Type 9 (At Risk) is from 45% to 50%.
A. Exercising With a Specific Goal.
B. TIME Control:
Sets up a period of time to exercise (Except in Program 8.)
C. DISTANCE Control:
Sets up a certain distance to exercise (Except in Program 8.)
D. BODY FAT Control:
Computer designs various programs for different people with different body fat ratio.
E. Heart Rate Control:
Exercise under a safe heart rate condition.
F. Pulse Rate:
The whole set of heart rate detectors includes 2 sensors on each side. Each sensor has
2 pieces of metal. The correct way to detect your heart rate is to gently hold the metal
parts in each hand. Once the computer detects your heart rate, the heart mark in the
HEART RATE/BODY TYPE display shall flash.
G. Manual Program:
PROGRAM 1 is a manual program. Press the "ENTER" key to select TIME,
DISTANCE, and AGE. Then, press the UP or DOWN key to adjust the values. The
default level of resistance is 6. After pressing the "START/STOP" key to exercise, please
also hold the heart rate grips. Users may exercise in any desired level (by pressing UP
or DOWN during the workout) with a period of time or a certain distance. With the
input of age, the computer may suggest a target heart rate to exercise. The suggested
heart rate is 85% of (220 – age). So, if the heart rate detected is equal to or greater than

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