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BLADEZ METRON GS Owner's Manual page 22

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C. Program Selection:
There are 17 programs with 1 Manual Program, 6 Preset Programs, 1 Body Fat Program,
4 Heart Rate Control Programs, 4 User Setting Programs, and 1Watts Control.
D. Program Graph:
Each graph shown is the profile of the resistance in each interval (column). With the
value of TIME counting up, each interval is 3 minutes with all the columns making
up 30 minutes. With the value of TIME counting down, each interval is the value of
setup TIME divided by 10. For example, if the time value is setup to 40 minutes, each
interval will be 40 minutes divided by 10 intervals (40/10=4). Then, each interval will
be 4 minutes. The following graphs are all the profiles in the monitor.
Program 1 (Manual)
Program 5 (Manual)
Program 9 (Target H.R.)
Program 13 (User Setting)
Program 17 (Watts Control)
Program 2 (Polling)
Program 6 (Polling)
Program 10 (60% H.R.C.)
Program 14 (User Settings)
Program 3 (Valley)
Program 7 (Valley)
Program 11 (75% H.R.C.)
Program 15 (User Setting)
BMR: Basal Metabolism Ratio
BMI: Body Mass Index
Program 4 (Fat Burn)
Program 8 (Fat Burn)
Program 12 (85% H.R.C.)
Program 16 (User Setting)

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