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Command Line Call - Siemens SIMATIC IPC277D Operating Instructions Manual

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Command line call

Call parameters
The "SetBrightness" program can be called in command line mode. The option "-?" (or
incorrect parameters) displays a help text that explains the corresponding call parameters. If
the "SetBrightness" program is started with the parameter "-experthelp", an extended help
text is displayed. The "SetBrightness" program can be called in the command line with the
following options:
SetBrightness.exe –ACTION [VALUE] [-device DEVICENUMBER]
In contrast to the graphical interface, the minimum value is set to 0% in command line mode.
In this case, the display is switched off. By pressing an input device, for example touch or
keyboard, the display is switched on again and set to the most recent configured brightness
level. The first input event, for example a mouse click, is discarded in this case to avoid the
triggering an unintended action.
Parameter –ACTION [VALUE]
The "ACTION" parameter must be specified for each command line call of the
"SetBrightness" program. The following options are available for selection:
Option [–device DEVICENUMBER]
The "device" option can be specified for the command line call of the "SetBrightness"
program. It specifies the number of the display for which the current brightness is to be read
out or set. If the option is not used, the Display with the number 1 is always used. The
following are examples of this:
SetBrightness –get
SetBrightness –set 50 –device 2
Advanced options -plugin PLUGINNAME
To increase the execution speed, it can be specified explicitly for the command line call that
not all available plugins are loaded, but rather only the plugin indicated by PLUGINNAME.
Notice: The respective numbers of the operable displays are shifted accordingly. Example:
SetBrightness.exe –set 75 –device 2
–plugin FPPlugin.dll
Operating Instructions, 12/2016, A5E03409486-AE
Returns the currently set brightness. There must not be any other value
specified for VALUE.
The brightness value specified by VALUE (0-100) is applied.
Supplies the number of connected displays. There must not be any other
value specified for VALUE.
Returns the brightness of display "1".
Sets the brightness of display "2" to 50%.
Sets the brightness of display "2" to 75%. Only the
"FPPlugin.dll" plugin is loaded.
Operating the device
6.6 Command line call


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