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Problem Solving; A.2 Problem Solving - Siemens SIMATIC IPC277D Operating Instructions Manual

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Technical Support

A.2 Problem solving


Problem solving

This section provides you with tips on how to locate and/or troubleshoot problems which
The device is not opera-
The monitor remains
The mouse pointer does
not appear on the screen
Wrong time and/or date
on the PC
Although the BIOS set-
ting is OK, the time and
data are still wrong.
USB device not respond-
"chkdsk" is not function-
Possible cause
No power supply
Device is being operated outside the
specified ambient conditions
The brightness button has been set to
Power cord is not connected
The mouse driver is not loaded
Mouse not connected.
The backup battery is dead.
The operating system does not sup-
port the USB ports.
EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) has
been activated. The "chkdsk" com-
mand is not supported if the EWF has
been activated.
Possible remedy
Check the power supply, the power cord and the
power plug.
Check if the On/Off switch is in the correct position.
Check the ambient conditions.
After transport in cold weather, wait approximately
12 hours before switching on the device.
Increase brightness using the brightness button. For
detailed information, refer to the monitor operating
Check whether the power cord has been properly
connected to the monitor and to the system unit or
to the grounded shockproof outlet.
If the monitor screen still remains dark after you
have performed these checks and measures, con-
tact your technical support team.
Check whether the mouse driver is properly installed
and available when you start the user program. De-
tailed information about the mouse driver is available
in the corresponding documentation.
Check whether the mouse cord is properly con-
nected to the system unit.
If you use an adapter or expansion for the mouse
cable, also check these connectors.
If the mouse pointer still does not appear on the
screen after you have performed these checks and
actions, contact your technical support team.
1. Press <F2> during the booting process to open the
BIOS Setup.
2. Set the time and date in the setup menu.
Replace the backup battery.
Turn on USB Legacy Support for mouse and key-
For other devices, you need the USB device driv-
ers for the required operating system.
Deactivate the EWF or use an alternative method to
Operating Instructions, 12/2016, A5E03409486-AE


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