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Notes On Usage - Siemens SIMATIC IPC277D Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial pc.
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Notes on usage

Risks associated with the unprotected machine or plant
According to the results of a risk analysis, certain hazard potentials associated with the
unprotected machine exist. These hazards could lead to personal injury.
Avoid such hazards by taking the following precautions in accordance with the risk analysis:
• Installation of additional safety equipment on the machine or plant. In particular, the
• Use as intended must be validated for the device by means of a function test on the
• Documentation of the test results that you can enter in the relevant safety verification
Ambient conditions and chemical resistance
Unsuitable environmental conditions have a negative impact on device operation. Chemical
substances such as cleaners or fuels may alter the color, shape and structure of the device
surface, for example, the front panel.
The device may be damaged. possibly resulting in malfunctions.
For this reason, please observe the following precautions:
• Always operate the device in closed rooms. All warranties shall be void in the case of
• Operate the device only in accordance with the ambient conditions specified in the
• Protect the device against dust, moisture and heat.
• Do not expose the device to direct sunlight or to other strong sources of light.
• Without additional safety measures, such as a supply of clean air, the device may not be
• Always use suitable cleaning agents. Read the information on the Internet concerning
Operating Instructions, 12/2016, A5E03409486-AE
programming, parameter assignment and wiring of the inserted I/O modules must be
executed in accordance with the safety performance identified by the necessary risk
analysis (SIL, PL or Cat.).
plant. These tests help you to identify programming, parameter assignment and wiring
documents, if necessary.
technical specifications.
used in locations with harsh operating conditions caused by acidic vapors or gases.
chemical resistance, see the "After Sales Information System for SIMATIC PC/PG"
( link in the chapter "Technical Support" in section service
and support (Page 161).
Safety instructions
2.2 Notes on usage


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