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Hard-Wired Installation (Universal/Hardwired Units) - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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o NEC® 2011 specifies: Indoor (NEC® Article 625.29B) states installation
18 – 48 inches above ground level.
Wire a standard NEMA 6(above it is
NEMA 6-50) receptacle using
appropriate wire.
Using 7/16 inch socket head and drill,
attach the Mounting Bracket to the wall
using two lag screws provided. Verify
that lag screws are going into the stud.
To hang the unit onto the mounting
bracket, place bottom mounting tab into
corresponding slot in mounting bracket. Plug cord into receptacle. Rotate
the unit towards the wall so that the hook on the unit goes over the top
mounting bracket.
Secure VersiCharge to wall and mounting bracket

3.4 Hard-wired installation (UNIVERSAL/HARDWIRED UNITS)

NOTE: UNIVERSAL UNITS may be installed outdoors, while HARDWIRED UNITS
cannot be installed outside
This section describes the hard-wired installation for the hardwired units, but also
includes the step of removing the cord-and-plug assembly in case the universal
VersiCharge units need to be hard-wired during installation.
Removing the Cord-and-Plug Assembly (only required for UNIVERSAL
Open hinged cover by loosening four cover Phillips closure screws.
Remove barrier by removing the two securing screws.

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