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Cord-And-Plug Installation (Universal Units) - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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The VersiCharge will mount on the surface of the wall, protruding at least
15 inches, and a location for installation should be chosen where there is
sufficient space to park an EV, walk past the device, open nearby doors,
etc., without obstruction.
If the installation location is not already wired for installation, installation of
the VersiCharge unit should be planned with an electrician and then the
electrician should bring in the electricity according to those guidelines.
should not be exposed to flammable vapors. This equipment should be installed
at least 18 inches above floor or ground level. Use extreme caution and follow
instructions carefully.

3.3 Cord-and-plug installation (UNIVERSAL UNITS)

The standard VersiCharge unit (UNIVERSAL UNIT) arrives factory-configured for
rear fed and bottom fed cord-and-plug installations. Do not remove the cord as it
should not be reinstalled once removed.
WARNING! Due to risk of moisture, cord-and-plug installations require a NEMA
outdoor rated receptacle and enclosure, when installed outdoors. Installing
outdoors without properly rated outdoor receptacles and enclosures will violate
listings and void the device warranty. Outdoor cord-and-plug installations must
be bottom fed only.
Bottom-fed, Cord-and-Plug Installation
Measure the plug in cord of the unit first since the mounting bracket and the
receptacle need to be located within this distance of each other.
Locate a stud within the wall to attach the mounting bracket.
o For concrete or masonry walls, install appropriate anchors.
o Verify that the stud or anchor and surrounding materials can handle the
20+ lbs load of the VersiCharge.
Explosion hazard. This equipment has arcing or sparking parts that

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