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Section 3: Installation; Building Survey; Site Selection - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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Section 3: Installation

3.1 Building Survey

• Available voltage, current and frequency:
VersiCharge EV charging stations can draw up to 30A at 240 VAC, 50/60
Hz (7.2kW of power). The complete electrical structure of the building must
be adequately sized to handle the entire building energy load, under peak
conditions, as well as the charging station load under operation.
Checking for adequate power includes all the connections from the utility
through the entire circuit structure to the branch circuit position and
connected wiring.
Utility connection and transformer capacity - check with utility service
provider to ensure enough power is available for the building and the
VersiCharge under full loading.
• Available breaker positions and amperage
Verify the panel has an open position for a two pole breaker.
Verify that the additional 30 A draw from the VersiCharge will not exceed
the total loading for the Main Breaker of the structure.
• Breaker selection
A 2-pole, 40 A dedicated branch breaker is required for both cord-and-plug
installation and hard wired installations. Siemens Part numbers: Q240
(plug-in type), B240 (bolt-on type).
The VersiCharge must be wired on a dedicated circuit, with no other loads
wired on that circuit.

3.2 Site Selection

NOTE: To ensure optimal functionality, we don't recommend installing the
VersiCharge unit in the direct sunlight.
NOTE: UNIVERSAL UNITS may be installed in environments in which NEMA 3R
ratings are required, while HARDWIRED UNITS may only be installed in
environments where NEMA 1 ratings are required.
When selecting a mounting site, ensure that the connector can reach the
EV before starting installation.

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