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Remote Control Interface - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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Power (kW)
Circuit Requirements
Circuit must be sized for the max ampere requirement. Do not de-rate
breakers or conductors based on amperage adjustment

3.6 Remote Control Interface

The Siemens VersiCharge has a Remote Control Interface that allows charging
to be controlled by an external device. This interface could be used to respond
to a demand response event from a utility.
WARNING! Remote Control Interface should be low voltage control wiring.
Installing higher voltage on this interface can cause damage to unit, preventing it
from functioning properly. Do not hook up 120/240 V to these connections.
Control Switch input is a dry contact
input from an external source.
Status Output indicates the charging
status of the VersiCharge.
The Remote Control Interface is
located inside the unit so to connect a
device, the unit has to be opened by
taking the following steps:
Remove connector to run wire
o Route control wiring, with proper protection and strain relief, through the
low voltage wire opening. Do not route the wiring along with any high
voltage connections
Open hinged cover by
loosening four cover Phillips
closure screws.
Remove barrier by removing the two securing screws.

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