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Section 5: Troubleshooting; General Settings; Specific Errors And Actions - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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Section 5: Troubleshooting

5.1 General Settings

Some of the errors that occur are not caused by the VersiCharge, but by the EV
compatibility or by settings which are turned on in the EV itself.
If the unit is going into fault, please check the settings in the EV to ensure
that these are not causing the VersiCharge to stop charging. Many EVs
have a setting for time of charge for example in which the user defines a
preference of charging only in certain hours of the day/night. Settings such
as these will override all commands within the VersiCharge for safety
reasons and will thus stop charging your EV. Adjusting the settings in the
car would be the suggested action to take in order to be compatible with the
Nuisance fault: As a leader in electrical technology, Siemens has made the
decision to install 5 mA grounding protection in all VersiCharge devices.
This is the same level of protection that is required in kitchens and
bathrooms of residential dwellings. Some other manufacturers (EVSE and
Auto manufacturers) have selected 20 mA protection levels. Because
Siemens units measure to a more sensitive level, occasional charging
interruption may occur under certain circumstances. See section 4.3 for
reset instructions.

5.2 Specific Errors and Actions

The VersiCharge has been designed to self indicate which type of fault has
A fault is indicated by a solid red halo, a blinking red halo, and/or the fault LED
being illuminated. In any of these conditions, please press the 'Pause' button twice
to reset the device. If the condition persists, please turn the circuit breaker feeding
the device off, then turn it back on. If the condition still persists, please contact
customer support at 1-800-241-4453.
WARNING! Before taking any of the actions which suggest opening the unit for
adjustment, turn off the power supplying the VersiCharge.

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