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Cord Management - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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The VersiCharge will automatically disconnect power in the event of a fault.
If a fault occurs during charging, the VersiCharge will disconnect power
from the EV, with an audible click, and change to the 'Fault' state. The
VersiCharge will automatically self-recover when all faults clear, with the
exception of grounding faults.
For grounding faults, after 15 minutes, the VersiCharge will attempt to
continue charging, and if no faults are present, will return to the 'Charging'
state. During this 15 minute delay, the 'Fault' indicator on the unit will blink,
the '2 Hour Delay' indicator is illuminated, and the Halo on the unit will blink
red simultaneously.
If a fault is still present immediately after the VersiCharge re-enters the
'Charging' state, the VersiCharge will return to the 'Fault' state, and remain
in that state until it is manually reset. During this time the 'Fault' indicator
will be illuminated in red, the '4 Hour Delay' indicator will be illuminated, and
the Halo on the unit will be illuminated in a constant red color.
o To reset the device, press the 'Pause' button, which will take the device to
the 'Pause' state.
o Pressing the 'Pause' button again will move the VersiCharge to the
'Ready to Charge' state, and if a charge is required, the VersiCharge will
automatically begin charging and move to the 'Charging' state.
NOTE: To reset the device you can turn the circuit breaker feeding the device off,
then turn it back on.
NOTE: Some cars may delay the command to start charging again when coming
out of the 'Pause" state. Please refer to user manual of the EV if this is happening
on your unit.
o If the device continues to experience immediate faults, contact a qualified
person for assistance.
Delay timer LEDs in combination with fault LEDs give more information on fault
type. Please call customer support for more details.

4.4 Cord Management

The VersiCharge has a built in cord management system.
When not in use, the connector cord should be looped over the top of the
VersiCharge unit to prevent accidental damage
The connector should be plugged into the connector holster on the front of
the VersiCharge to prevent accidental damage

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