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Section 4: Operation; Overview; Typical Operation; Faults - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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Section 4: Operation

4.1 Overview

The VersiCharge EV Charging Stations incorporate industry accepted operating
standards for EV charging. These include the operation and communication
protocols between the VersiCharge and the EV, as well as the required safety
features. This section explains in detail the steps of operation.

4.2 Typical Operation

The VersiCharge is primarily a 'plug-and-play' device.
Descriptions of various device states can be found in Section 2.6
o Verify that the VersiCharge is in the 'Power Available' state by ensuring
o Remove the connector from the connector holster by pressing the button
o Plug the connector into the corresponding receiver on the EV. Feel for a
WARNING! Do not force the connector into the receiver on the EV. Forcing the
connection can cause damage to the EV and/or the VersiCharge. If the
connection between the receiver and the connector shows any resistance,
inspect the pins in each, and if damage is found, call a qualified service person.
o If the EV does not require a charge, the VersiCharge will go into the
o If the EV does require a charge, the VersiCharge will automatically switch
o Once the charge is complete, or the EV sends a signal to stop charging,

4.3 Faults

A fault is indicated by a solid red halo, a blinking red halo, and/or the fault LED
being illuminated. In any of these conditions, please press the 'Pause' button twice
to reset the device. If the condition persists, please turn the circuit breaker feeding
the device off, then turn it back on. If the condition still persists, please contact
customer support at 1-800-241-4453.
that the 'Power Available' indicator is illuminated.
on the connector handle and pulling the handle away from the
VersiCharge holster
positive connection with a click.
'Ready to Charge' state.
to the 'Charging' state. An audible click is present when the VersiCharge
goes into and out of the 'Charging' state.
the VersiCharge will automatically return to the 'Ready to Charge" state.

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