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Section 6: Warranty - Siemens VersiCharge Installation And Operation Manual

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Section 6: Warranty

Limited Warranty
Siemens Industry Inc. ("Siemens") has developed a highly reliable EV Supply
Equipment (EVSE), branded as VersiCharge ("VersiCharge
EVSE"), that is designed to withstand normal operating conditions when used in
compliance with the Siemens Installation and Operations Manual supplied with
system as originally shipped by Siemens. The Siemens limited warranty
("Limited Warranty") covers defects in workmanship and materials of the
VersiCharge EVSE ("Defective Product") for a period of three (3) years (the
"Warranty Period") from the date of original purchase of such VersiCharge
The Limited Warranty does not apply to, and Siemens will not be responsible for,
any defect in or damage to any Siemens VersiCharge EVSE: (1) that has been
misused, neglected, tampered with, altered, or otherwise damaged, either
internally or externally; (2) that has been improperly installed, operated, handled
or used, including use under conditions for which the product was not designed,
use in an unsuitable environment, or use in a manner contrary to the Siemens
Installation and Operations Manual or applicable laws or regulations; (3) that has
been subjected to fire, water, generalized corrosion, biological infestations, acts
of God, or input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum
or minimum limits listed in the Siemens VersiCharge EVSE specifications,
including high input voltage from generators or lightning strikes; (4) that has been
subjected to incidental or consequential damage caused by defects of other
components of the electrical system; or (5) if the original identification markings
(including trademark or serial number) of such VersiCharge EVSE have been
defaced, altered, or removed. The Limited Warranty does not cover costs related
to the removal, installation or troubleshooting of the customer's electrical
systems. The Limited Warranty does not extend beyond the original cost of the
Siemens VersiCharge EVSE.
During the Warranty Period, Siemens will, at its option, repair or replace the
Defective Product free of charge, provided that Siemens through inspection
establishes the existence of a defect that is covered by the Limited Warranty.
Siemens will, at its option, use new and/or reconditioned parts in repairing or
replacing the Defective Product. Siemens reserves the right to use parts or
products of original or improved design in the repair or replacement of Defective
Product. If Siemens repairs or replaces a Defective Product, the Limited
Warranty continues on the repaired or replacement product for the remainder of
the original Warranty Period or ninety (90) days from the date of Siemens's
return shipment of the repaired or replacement product, whichever is later.
The Limited Warranty covers both parts and labor necessary to repair the
Defective Product, but does not include labor costs related to un-installing the
Defective Product or re-installing the repaired or replacement product. The Limited
Warranty also covers the costs of shipping repaired or replacement

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