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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A5AP Instruction Manual Page 29

Transistorized inverter.
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• If the orientation command is switched off with the start signal remaining on, the motor accelerates toward the
command speed.
• If the motor shaft shifts to outside the stop position setting range, the servo torque function returns the motor shaft
to the stop position (when sufficient torque can be developed). When orientation control is selected, servo torque is
available for vector control, V/F control and all other controls.
1) Selection of servo torque function until the in-position signal is output.
Set Pr. 358 "servo torque selection" to determine whether servo torque is required or not. When
the current position signal is between the orientation stop position and DC injection brake start
position, servo torque is not generated. The shaft is held by DC injection brake. If the current
position signal comes out of this zone due to external force, etc., servo torque is generated to
return the current position signal to within the zone.
Once the in-position signal is output, operation is performed in accordance with the setting in 4).
2) Retry function.
Set Pr. 358 "servo torque selection" to determine whether the retry function is required or not.
Note that this function cannot be used with the servo torque function. If the motor shaft is
confirmed to have stopped but is not in the in-position zone, the retry function causes the shaft to
be oriented again.
This retry is made three times, including the first orientation, but no more than three times. (The
orientation fault signal is not output during retry operation.)
3) Frequency compensation function for use when the motor shaft has stopped outside the
in-position zone.
When the motor shaft has been stopped by external force, etc. before entering the in-position
zone, the output frequency is increased to move the shaft to the orientation stop position. This
output frequency rises gradually to the creep speed set in Pr. 352. This function cannot be used
with the retry function.


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