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Encryption; Remote Services; Modes Of Operation; Ecp Mode - Honeywell GSMV4G Installation And Setup Manual

Intellipath series 4g gsm communicator
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GSMV4G/GSMVCN4G Installation and Setup Guide
• Simple programming using a 7720P programming tool
• Reports fire, burg, and status messages via wireless network
• Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data via the wireless network
• Supports remote control of alarm systems via Remote Services feature
• Two-way voice capability


The communicator uses 256 bit AES (Rijndael) encryption (which is required for certain
government installations). The AlarmNet-i AES Encryption Software Module Version 1.0
contained in the Honeywell products has NIST approval. Listings for this approval can be
found at and search for
"Certificate number 979."

Remote Services

Honeywell now offers a new series of web based services that provides consumers with the
ability to communicate with their security system remotely in a number of ways. These new
web services will allow users to:
• Access their security system from a computer via a website (Remote Access feature)
• Receive email and text message notifications of system events (Multi-Mode feature)
• Perform system functions and receive confirmations using text messages (SMS feature)
Dealers will initially enroll their customers for web services during account programming
through the AlarmNet Direct website. The features that can be enabled include Remote
Access and Multi-Mode. Once enabled, the specific programming fields associated with
these features can be programmed into the communications device either remotely using
the AlarmNet Direct website or locally using the 7720P local keypad programming tool.

Modes of Operation

The communicator provides four modes of operation so it can be used with various types of
control panels, as summarized below.

ECP Mode

• This mode is for Honeywell control panels that support ECP communication
• The communicator connects to the control panel's keypad terminals and provides 2-way
communication with the control panels using ECP messaging
• The control panel treats the communicator as an ECP device, so ensure to program the
control panel with the communicator's device address
• Reports are sent in Contact ID format
• The communicator also supports two hardwire zone trigger inputs (zones 6 and 7)
Remote Access and Multi-Mode have not been evaluated by UL.
Only ECP Mode has been approved for ULC installations.
Only ECP Mode and Zone Trigger Mode have been evaluated.
• Opening and Closing ring back is fully supported.
Only the V+ inverted, V– non-inverted, and EOL options have been evaluated.

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