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Wiring For Ecp, 4204 And Two-4204 Modes; Wiring For Zone Trigger Mode - Honeywell GSMV4G Installation And Setup Manual

Intellipath series 4g gsm communicator
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2. Connect one end of the audio cable to the audio connector located on the small PC board.
3. Route the audio cable to the connector on the AVS Base Unit and connect the cable.
4. Ensure the audio cable ends are secured with tie wraps to reduce strain.

Wiring for ECP, 4204 and Two-4204 Modes

Most Honeywell ADEMCO control panels support ECP data communication, (e.g., VISTA-
10P, VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, VISTA-128BP and VISTA-128FBP). However, there are some
panels that do not. Check the Installation and Setup Guide for the control panel you are
using to see if it supports ECP communication.
Connect the communicator to a compatible Honeywell VISTA control panel's ECP terminals,
in parallel with keypads and other peripheral devices such as RF receiver, VIP module, etc.
Wire length/gauge limitations are the same for the communicator as they are for keypads
and other peripheral devices. To wire the communicator for ECP or 4204 modes, see the
figure below and make the following connections:

Wiring for Zone Trigger Mode

To trip a zone using a positive trigger, the voltage level must be:
6V or greater = positive trigger. (Levels above +14V may cause damage to the unit.)
4V or less = restore.
To trip a zone using a negative trigger, the voltage level must be:
4V or less = negative trigger.
6V or greater = restore. (Levels above +14V may cause damage to the unit.)
Note: Remember to program the communicator's zone for the desired trigger type.
Connect a wire from the triggering source (bell output, voltage trigger, etc.) of the control
panel to the zone input of the communicator, and connect a common ground between the
communicator and control panel. Examples of zone connections follow:
Wiring the Zone 1 Input for a Positive (+) Trigger
Wiring a VISTA for ECP Mode or 4204 Modes
Section 2: Mounting and Wiring

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