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Pioneer DDJ-RZX Operating Instructions Manual

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DJ controller
For FAQs and other support information for this product, visit the above site.

Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for Pioneer DDJ-RZX

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    DJ controller DDJ-RZX For FAQs and other support information for this product, visit the above site. Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Setting the control signals ............... 37 How to read this manual Changing the settings ! Thank you for buying this Pioneer DJ product. Displaying the utilities screen ..............38 Be sure to read this manual and the “Operating Instructions (Quick Changing the settings ................
  • Page 3: Before Start

    Also, the unit provides “SOUND COLOR FX” and “OSC SAMPLER” func- This unit retains the control panel layout of the Pioneer DJM series, the tions so that original arrangements can be added to the music being world standard in DJ mixers.
  • Page 4: What's In The Box

    “Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide)” for Japan, and on the last page of both the English and French versions Leveraging the audio circuit of Pioneer DJ audio devices for clubs, the of the “Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide)” for the North unit provides powerful sound quality faithful to the original.
  • Page 5: Viewing The Operating Instructions Of Rekordbox

    constant high performance (for example by keeping the AC power connected) 2 Double-click the unzipped software file to launch the when using rekordbox. installer. Use of the Internet requires a separate contract with a provider offering Internet services and payment of provider fees. 3 Read the terms of the license agreement carefully, Use the latest version/service pack of the operating system.
  • Page 6 The message of successful installation appears once installation is completed. 4 Click [Close] to quit the rekordbox installer. The installation is now complete. ! To use rekordbox dj, rekordbox dvs, and rekordbox video, activation (license authentication) is required. For details, see the rekordbox, rekordbox dvs or rekordbox video Operating Instructions.
  • Page 7: Connections And Part Names

    Connections and part names Connections ! Connect the power cord after all the connections between devices have been completed. Be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the power outlet whenever making or changing connections. Refer to the operating instructions for the component to be connected.
  • Page 8: Front Panel

     Front panel ! There are two output terminals (one for a stereo phone jack and 1 PHONES jacks one for a mini-phone jack), but do not use both terminals simulta- Connect headphones here. neously. If one is connected or disconnected while the other one Both stereo phone plugs (Ø...
  • Page 9: Connecting Output Terminals

     Connecting output terminals Rear panel Component, amplifier, powered speaker, etc. Power amplifier, Power amplifier (for booth monitor), powered speakers, etc. powered speakers, etc. 1 Do not connect the terminal that can supply phantom power to the [MASTER 1] terminal. Front panel Headphones...
  • Page 10: Part Names And Functions

    3 TAG TRACK button Press: Part names and Registers or deletes the selected track to/from [Tag List]. functions [SHIFT] + press: Displays [Related Tracks] if hidden and hides it if displayed. No display l [Related Tracks] displayed l No display l … Also, when [Related Tracks] is displayed, the cursor moves to the [Related Tracks] area.
  • Page 11: Tempo Slider

    2 Jog dial b LOOP 1/2X button Turn top when VINYL mode is on: Press: Performs scratching operation. Select the auto loop beat. During loop playback, the length of loop playback is split in half each Turn outer section or turn top when VINYL mode is off: time this button is pressed.
  • Page 12: Sync Button

    Press twice: [SHIFT] + press: Sets the active sensor. Loads the currently playing sequence into the deck as a track. = Using the active sensor (p. 27 ) r SYNC button j PAD FX1 mode button Press: Press: Switches between synchronizing and not synchronizing (SYNC ON/ Sets the pad FX1 mode.
  • Page 13: Jog Dial Display Section

    2 USB connection indicator Jog dial display section Displays the connection status between the USB-A terminal and USB-B terminal. Lights: When the computer is connected to the terminal and the driver is installed Flashes: When the computer is connected to the terminal and the driver is not installed Lights out: When the computer is not connected to the terminal 3 USB (A) button...
  • Page 14: Channel Fader

    e OSC SAMPLER SOURCE selector switch z COLOR control Selects the oscillator sound source. This changes the parameters of the SOUND COLOR FX of the differ- ent channels. f EQ CURVE selector switch A Headphones CUE button Switches the function of the [EQ (HI, MID, LOW)] controls. Press: g CHANNEL FADER CURVE selector switch The sound of channels for which the headphones [CUE] button is...
  • Page 15: Effect Section

    [SHIFT] + press: Display section (deck) Calculates the BPM value used as the base for the sampler from the interval at which the button is tapped with a finger. (Tap function) This is a touch display provided on the left and right of this unit. O SAMPLER VOLUME fader It displays information on the audio or video tracks loaded into the Adjusts the sound level of sampler.
  • Page 16: Display Section (Mixer)

    Display section (mixer) Touch display (deck section) PAD INFO If the [VIEW (PAD INFO / DECK VIDEO)] button is pressed, the PAD INFO screen is displayed. If the [VIEW (PAD INFO / DECK VIDEO)] button is pressed while the PAD INFO screen is displayed, the DECK VIDEO screen is displayed. 1 VIEW (WAVEFORM / MASTER VIDEO) button The PAD INFO screen consists of the three FX, PAD, and TRACK areas.
  • Page 17: Track Info

    In addition, the QUANTIZE setting state, SYNC setting state, and PAD area MASTER setting state of the displayed sequence are displayed. Displays the mode name of the selected PAD MODE and the PAD state in each PAD MODE.  HOT CUE MODE Displays the setting state, comment information, and in point time of Hot Cue/Loop of each PAD.
  • Page 18: Memory Cue Info

    2-deck display COMBO FX Displays both information on the deck currently being operated and If the [COMBO FX] button is pressed, the COMBO FX screen is dis- information on the deck not being operated. played. In the COMBO FX screen, you can operate two types of effects simultaneously.
  • Page 19: Touch Display (Mixer Section)

    Touch display (mixer section) BROWSE The BROWSE screen displays results of operation using the browser section. WAVEFORM The BROWSE screen can be turned on and off using rekordbox. Select [Preferences] > [Controller] > [Others] in rekordbox If the [VIEW (WAVEFORM / MASTER VIDEO)] button is pressed, the (PERFORMANCE mode), and change the setting.
  • Page 20: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Connecting this unit and computer 5 Connect the power cord. To power outlet 1 Connect headphones to one of the [PHONES] Power cord terminals. included 6 Press the [u] switch on this unit’s rear panel to turn this unit’s power on. 2 Connect devices such as powered speakers, a power amplifier, and components to the [MASTER 1] or [MASTER 2] output terminals.
  • Page 21: Starting The System

    From [Apps view], click the [rekordbox] icon. For Windows 7 From the Windows [Start] menu, click the [rekordbox] icon under [All Programs] > [Pioneer] > [rekordbox X.X.X]. For Mac OS X Open the [Applications] folder in Finder, then double-click the [rekordbox] icon.
  • Page 22: Loading Tracks And Playing Them

    Adding music files to [Collection] [Collection] is a screen for displaying a list of the music files managed by rekordbox. Registering the music files on the computer as the music collection of rekordbox and then analyzing them enables those tracks to be used with rekordbox.
  • Page 23: Quitting The System

    3 Turn the [TRIM] control. Adjust the [TRIM] control so that the channel level indicator’s orange indicator lights at peak level. 4 Move the channel fader away from you. 5 Turn the [MASTER LEVEL] control to adjust the audio BPM DOWN BPM UP level of the speakers.
  • Page 24: Advanced Operation

    Advanced Operation Using the performance pads 1/8 beat 1/8 beat 1/4 beat 1/4 beat (reverse (forward (reverse (forward direction) direction) direction) direction) Use the performance pads with the hot cue, beat jump, pad FX, slicer, sampler, and velocity sampler functions. The function of the performance pads can be switched with the pad 1/2 beat 1/2 beat...
  • Page 25: Using The Sampler Function

    3 Press the [PARAMETER c] button or [PARAMETER d] The length of loop playback while a pad is pressed can be changed with the loop playback length setting. For example, when the loop playback button while pressing the performance pad. length is set to “1”, the entire section assigned to the pad is played in a The number of beats setting for the effect temporarily increases or loop, and when the loop playback length is set to “1/2”, only the first half...
  • Page 26  Loading a loop in a sampler slot.  Switching to the velocity sampler mode When the [SAMPLER] mode button is pressed while pressing the 1 Press the [AUTO BEAT LOOP] button or [LOOP IN] [SHIFT] button, the mode switches to the velocity sampler mode. button and then press the [LOOP OUT] button.
  • Page 27: Using The Slip Mode

    1 Call out and play a sequence. 3 Press performance pad 6. Calling out and playing a saved sequence (p. 26 ) The end position is specified at the playback position, and the specifica- tion range is confirmed. 2 Press and hold the [PARAMETERc] button. 4 Press performance pad 1 to pad 4.
  • Page 28: Using The Dual Deck Mode

    Slip braking Turning the DUAL DECK mode on 1 Adjust the [VINYL SPEED ADJUST TOUCH/BRAKE] Press the [DECK 3] button while pressing the [DECK 1] control. button or press the [DECK 1] button while pressing the The [VINYL SPEED ADJUST TOUCH/BRAKE] setting adjusts the speed, [DECK 3] button.
  • Page 29: Using The Fader Start Function

    Button or control Using effects Function that is operated MASTER button Set target deck to beat sync master The effect functions of rekordbox dj can be roughly divided into three CAPTURE button types: BEAT FX, SOUND COLOR FX, and RELEASE FX. Load loop of target deck in sampler slot + pad The following explains how to operate the three effect function types,...
  • Page 30 4 Press the effect parameter 1 button to turn the first 3 Press one of the effect parameter buttons while effect on. pressing the [SHIFT] button to select the effect type. Press the effect parameter 2 button to turn the second effect on. The selected effect is displayed on the rekordbox dj screen.
  • Page 31: Using The Release Fx

    When the software is connected with the unit, SPACE, DUB ECHO, JET, Using the release FX CRUSH, FILTER, and PITCH are selected by default. Effects other than these can be used by changing the SOUND COLOR Release FX enables you to turn off the beat FX that was on up until now FX settings in rekordbox dj.
  • Page 32: Using A Microphone

    3 Turn the [OSC SAMPLER VOLUME] control. Using a microphone Adjusts the sound level of oscillator sound. 4 Press one of the [OSC SAMPLER SELECT] buttons. 1 Connect a microphone to the [MIC1] or [MIC2] This selects the type of oscillator sound. terminal.
  • Page 33: Using External Inputs

    of video images. Furthermore, effects can be operated by sliding a finger Using external inputs on the screen while video effects are turned on. This unit is equipped with four sets of external inputs for connecting CD Note players, analog turntables, etc. This unit’s 4-channel mixer can be used Activation of rekordbox video is required to use the functions of rekord- to mix externally input sound without passing through a computer.
  • Page 34  Displaying video and waveforms (DUAL 4 Press the [ON] button of TOUCH FX. DISPLAY) The grid lines disappear from the LCD screen and the effect is disabled. Switching the HOLD setting Video and waveforms can be displayed simultaneously by pressing the [VIEW] button on the mixer section twice.
  • Page 35 Displaying text When an effect is selected with any of these methods, the effect name display is switched. Text information set in rekordbox video can be displayed on the MASTER VIDEO screen. ! Text display operations can be performed on the MASTER DECK screen. Note For details on the selectable effect candidates and FAVORITE registra- tion procedure, see the rekordbox video Operating Instructions.
  • Page 36: Other Settings

    Displaying camera images The images captured with a camera device set in rekordbox video can be displayed on the MASTER VIDEO screen. ! Camera image display operations can be performed on the MASTER DECK screen. Outputting to the output window of rekordbox video Set the camera device to use in rekordbox video.
  • Page 37: Using The Dvs System

    3 Click [Preferences] > [Input channel] > [Settings Utility] of rekordbox (PERFORMANCE mode). The setting utility of this unit starts. 4 Select the [CONTROLLER OUTPUT] tab in the setting utility and then select as shown below from the [DDJ-RZX Audio Output] pull-down menu corresponding to the connected channel.
  • Page 38: Changing The Settings

    Changing the settings Displaying the utilities screen Forcefully using the unit as the general MIDI controller Press the [WAKE UP (UTILITY)] button for over 1 second. The unit automatically changes operation as follows depending on The utilities screen appears on a display of this unit. whether rekordbox is running.
  • Page 39 ! If the [WAKE UP (UTILITY)] button is pressed, the standby mode is Adjusting the crossfader cut lag canceled. ! By default, the auto standby function is enabled. Adjust the play (cut lag) of both ends of the crossfader. Adjustment can be made from 0.5 mm to 3.7 mm in 0.1 mm increments.
  • Page 40 Setting the unit display section Setting monaural/stereo of master brightness output ! By default, the level is set to 3. ! By default, stereo is set. 1 Press the [WAKE UP (UTILITY)] button for over 1 1 Press the [WAKE UP (UTILITY)] button for over 1 second.
  • Page 41: Changing The Settings With Rekordbox

    3 Use the rotary selector to select and enter one of [OFF], [0 dB], [3 dB], [6 dB], [9 dB], [12 dB], and [15 dB]. For Windows Click [All Programs] > [Pioneer] > [DDJ-RZX] > [Settings Utility] from the [Start] menu. Changing the settings with...
  • Page 42 1 Click the [CONTROLLER OUTPUT] tab. When Mixer Mode is External Mixer Mode 2 Click the [DDJ-RZX Audio Output] pull-down menu. Select and set the audio data to be output to the computer from the flow of audio signals inside this unit.
  • Page 43 Adjusting the buffer size (when ASIO is used) This function can only be used by those using a Windows operating system. If an application using this unit as the default audio device (DJ software, etc.) is running, quit that application before adjusting the buffer size. Display the setting utility before starting.
  • Page 44: Additional Information

    Troubleshooting ! If you think that there is something wrong with this unit, check the items below and access the Pioneer DJ site and check [FAQ] for the [DDJ-RZX]. Sometimes the problem may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the problem cannot be rectified, ask your nearest service center or your dealer to carry out repair work.
  • Page 45: About The Liquid Crystal Display

    Problem Check Remedy The fader start function does not work. Is a cue set? Set a cue. (page 29 ) Is the fader start setting incorrect? To enable the fader start setting, select the [Mixer] tab of [Preferences] > [Controller] in rekordbox and then select the [Fader Start] check box. The USB connection indicator flashes.
  • Page 46: Signal Flow

    The sound of music files being played on the computer can also be 32-bit version Pro (latest service pack), Windows 7 Home Premium, output from the DDJ-RZX. 64-bit version Professional, Ultimate (latest service pack) To use as a controller to operate DJ software other than rekordbox,...
  • Page 47 [Disagree] and stop installation. Program, except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable 6 Proceed with installation according to the instructions law, and then only after You have notified Pioneer DJ in writing of Your intended activities. on the screen.
  • Page 48: About Trademarks And Registered Trademarks

    In addition to damages and any other remedies to which Pioneer DJ may be entitled, You agree that Pioneer DJ may seek injunc- This product has been licensed for nonprofit use. This product has not...