Parts Layout; Before Use - Black & Decker BD 3000 Original Instructions Manual

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Guaranteed sound power level L
Max. Temperature:
Max. Altitude (above mean sea level): 1000 m

5. Parts Layout

1. Fuel gauge
2. Fuel cap
3. 230 V~ socket out lets.
4. 12Vd.c. connector out lets
5. Earth connection
6. Circuit breaker
7. Voltmeter
8. Oil filler plug
9. Oil drain nut
10. Engine switch
11. Choke lever
12. Pull cord
13. Petrol cock
14. Wheels
15. Carry handle
16. Rubber foot
17. Spanner
18. DC connecting cord
19. Wheel shaft
20. Air filter set
21. Spark plug
22. Spark plug wrench set

6. Before Use.

6.1 Wheel assembly (B4-B5)
1. First place one end of the wheel shaft (item
21) through the hole in the frame and secure
it with a nut and washer.
2. Put the shaft sleeve through the other end
of the wheel shaft. Then place the wheel and
secure it by the nut and the washer.
3. Assemble the left side wheel with same
procedures as above.
50 kg
: 96 dB(A)
The inner wheel should be inflated for it has
40 °C
been shipped out with lower pressure (max.
gauge pressure 3 bar/0.3 MPa).
6.2 Rubber feet assembly (B7-B8)
Hold the foot (item 16) against the frame as
shown. First place the bolt through the hole
into the frame and the hole in the foot and
secure it with a nut. Then secure other three
bolts and nuts with same procedure.
6.3 Transport handle assembly (B6)
Place the carry handle (item 15) holder
against the frame as shown. Place the bolt
through the hole into the frame and the hole
in the handle holder. Then secure it with a
nut. Then secure the other bolt with same
The user can adjust the position of carry
handle. To move the generator via the rotated
carry handle to open position.
6.4 Important: Electrical safety
- Electric supply cables and connected
equipment must be in perfect condition.
- The generator is to be operated only with
equipment whose voltage specifications
conform to the generator's output voltage.
- Never connect the generator to any other
power supply.
- Keep the cable length to the consumer as
short as possible.
6.5 Environmental protection
- Dispose of soiled maintenance material
and operating materials at the appropriate
collection point.
- Recycle packaging material, metal and

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents