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6.6 Connecting to earth
-The housing is allowed to be connected to
earth in order to discharge static electricity.
To do this, connect one end of a cable to the
earth connection (5) on the generator and the
other end to an external earth (for example
an earth rod).

7. Operation.

7.1 Before starting the generator.
- You must fill up with engine oil (B12) and
fuel before you can start the engine.
- Check the fuel level and top it up if
- Make sure that the generator has sufficient
- Make sure that the ignition cable is secured
to the spark plug.
- Inspect the immediate vicinity of the
- Disconnect any electrical equipment which
may already been connected to the generator.
- Permissible ambient temperature – 10 to +
40°C, max. altitude above sea level 1000 m,
relative humidity:90 %(noncondensing)
- Never use the generator in dusty area.
7.2 Starting the engine (reversing starter)
- Open the petrol cock (13) by turning it up.
- Move the engine switch (10) to position "I".
- Move the choke lever (11) to position IØI.
- Start the engine with the pull cord (12) by
pulling the handle forcefully. If the engine
does not start, pull the handle again.
- Push the choke lever (11) back again after
the engine has started.
When starting with the pull cord, the motor
may recoil suddenly as it starts up, resulting
in hand injuries. Wear protective gloves when
starting the equipment.
7.3 Connecting appliances to the generator
- Connect the equipment you want to use to
the socket outlets (3)
- Never connect the generator to the
domestic power network as this may result
in damage to the generator itself or to other
electrical appliances in your home.
- Switch off the machine immediately and
contact your service station:
- If the generator is making unusual
vibrations or noise.
If the engine is overloaded within rated load
range or misfires.
Note: Some electrical appliances (power
jigsaws, drills, etc.) may have a higher level
of power consumption when used in difficult
conditions or starting.
- Use the supplied DC connecting cable
to make connection to 12VDC powered
The DC output of the generator is not treated
by a precise electric circuit.
Never use it to power any precise DC
When using the generator to powering a
heating device. Please do keep the powered
heating device far from the generator.
7.4 Switching off the engine
- Before you switch off the generator, allow it

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents