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- Important: Danger of poisoning, do not
inhale emissions.
- Never operate the generator in non-
ventilated rooms. When operating the
generator in rooms with good ventilation, the
exhaust gases must be channeled directly
outdoors through an exhaust hose.
- Place the generator at least 1m away from
buildings and the equipment connected to it.
- Wear suitable ear protection when in the
vicinity of the equipment.
- The values quoted in the technical data for
sound power level (LWA) and sound pressure
level (LWM) are emission values and not
necessarily reliable workplace values. As
there is a correlation between emission
and emission levels, the values are not a
reliable basis for deciding on any additional
precautions which may be needed. Factors
influencing the actual user emission level
include the properties of the work area, other
sound sources etc., the number of machines
and other processes in the vicinity, as well
as the time span in which the operator is
subjected to the noise. Also, the permitted
emission level can vary from country to
country. Nevertheless, with this information
the user is able to make a better assessment
of the dangers and risks involved.
CAUTION: Read all safety regulations and
Any errors made in following the safety
regulations and instructions may result in an
electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.
Keep all safety regulations and instructions
in a safe place for future use.

3. Proper Use

The generator is intended to provide
electric tools and light sources with
electricity. When using the device with
household appliances, please check their
suitability in accordance with the relevant
manufacturer’s instructions. In case of doubt,
ask an authorized dealer of the respective
appliance. The machine is to be used only
for its prescribed purpose. Any other use is
deemed to be a case of misuse. The user /
operator and not the manufacturer will be
liable for any damage or injuries of any kind
caused as a result of this.
The device is designed for applications
operated with a 230V alternating current
source for 230V.

4. Technical Data

Generator type:
Ingress Protection:
Rated voltage Urated:
230 Va.c. / 12V d.c.
Continuous rated power Prated (S1): 2.5 kW
Maximum power Pmax(S2) :
2,7 kW (S2, 2min)
Frequency Frated:
50 Hz
Power factor:
Cos φ =1
Performance class:
Operating mode S1 (continuous operation)
The machine can be continuously operated
with the quoted power output.
Operating mode S2 (temporary operation)
The machine may be temporarily operated
with the quoted power output. Afterwards
the machine must be stopped for a while to
prevent it from overheating
Engine model:
Engine design:
Single-cylinder forced air-cooled 4-stroke
Spark plug:
196 cm
Tank capacity:
18 L
Engine oil: Appox.0,6 l (15W40/<0 °C: 5W30)
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents