Cleaning, Maintenance And Storage - Black & Decker BD 3000 Original Instructions Manual

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to run briefly with no appliances so that it can
"cool down".
- Move the Engine switch (10) to position "O".
- Close the petrol cock.
7.5 Overload cut-out for socket-outlets
The generator is fitted with an overload
cutout. This shuts down the sockets (3). You
can restart the sockets by reset the circuit
breaker (6).
If this happens, reduce the electric power you
are taking from the generator or remove any
defective connected appliances.
Defective overload cut-outs must be replaced
only by overload cut-outs of identical design
and with the same performance data. If
repairs are necessary, please contact your
customer service center.

8. Cleaning, maintenance and storage

Switch off the generator and pull the spark
plug boot from the spark plug before doing
any cleaning and maintenance work on the
8.1 Cleaning
- Keep all safety devices, air vents and the
motor housing free of dirt and dust as far as
possible. Wipe the equipment with a clean
cloth or blow it with compressed air at low
- We recommend that you clean the device
after each time finished using.
- Clean the equipment regularly with a moist
cloth and some soft soap. Do not use cleaning
agents or solvents; these could attack the
plastic parts of the equipment. Ensure that
no water can seep into the device.
8.2 Air filter (B10-11)
In this connection, please also read the
service information.
- Clean the air filter at regular intervals, and
replace it if necessary.
- Remove fixing bolt on the air filter cover
- Remove the filter elements (B11).
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or petrol
to clean the elements.
- Clean the elements by tapping them on a
flat surface. In cases of stubborn dirt first
clean with soapy water, and then rinse with
clear water and air dry.
- Assemble in reverse order.
8.3. Spark plug (B9)
Check the spark plug (item 21) for dirt and
grime after 50 hours of operation and if
necessary clean with a copper wire brush.
Thereafter service the spark plug after every
50 hours of operation.
- Pull off the spark plug boot with a twist.
- Remove the spark plug with the supplied
spark plug wrench (22).
- Assemble in reverse order.
8.4 Changing the oil and checking the oil level

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents