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Fuse Replacement; Specifications; Care And Maintenance; Service Information - Black & Decker PI400LA Instruction Manual

Power inverter


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b. Cool: Surrounding air temperature should ideally
be 10°C and 20°C (50°F and 68°F). Keep the inverter
away from direct sunlight, when possible.
c. Well-Ventilated: Keep the area surrounding the
inverter clear to ensure free air circulation around
the unit. Do not place items on or over the inverter
during operation. The unit will shut down if the internal
temperature gets too hot. The inverter will auto-reset
after it cools down.
d. Safe: Do not use the inverter near flammable
materials or in any locations that may accumulate
flammable fumes or gases. This is an electrical
appliance that can briefly spark when electrical
connections are made or broken.


1. Ideal storage temperature range is 0°C and 40°C
(32°F and 104°F).
2. Store and use in a cool, dry place with adequate
ventilation for all-around air circulation.
3. Avoid locations that are exposed to heating units,
radiators, direct sunlight, or excessive humidity or

Fuse replacement

This inverter is equipped with multiple internal fuses.
Normally, these fuses will not "blow" unless there is a
serious problem inside the unit. Internal fuses are
replaceable; however, only trained personnel should
attempt fuse replacement. If the unit is damaged during
fuse replacement, the warranty may be voided.
The fuse in the DC accessory outlet plug is user-
replaceable. Make sure to first disconnect the outlet plug
from any 12V DC power source; then replace the fuse with
one of the same rating and type.
Separate collection. This product must not be
disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker
product needs replacement, or if it is of no further
use to you, do not dispose of it with household
waste. Make this product available for separate
Separate collection of used products and packaging
allows materials to be recycled and used again.
Re-use of recycled materials helps prevent
environmental pollution and reduces the demand
for raw materials. Local regulations may provide for
separate collection of electrical products from the
household, at municipal waste sites or by the
retailer when you purchase a new product.
The performance of your tool depends on the accessory
used. Black & Decker and Piranha accessories are
engineered to high quality standards and designed to
enhance the performance of your tool. By using these
accessories you will get the very best from your tool.


Black & Decker offers a full network of company-owned and
authorized service locations. All Black & Decker Service
Centers are staffed with trained personnel to provide
customers with efficient and reliable power tool service.
For more information about our authorized service centers
and if you need technical advice, repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts, contact the Black & Decker location
nearest you, or visit us at


Maximum continuous power: 400 Watts
Surge capacity:
USB port:
Input voltage:
Low voltage alarm:
Low voltage shutdown:
Thermal shutdown:
Wave form:
Input cables:
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
Operating/Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
800 Watts
5V DC (500mA)
11.0V ± 0.3V DC
10.5V ± 0.3V DC
Modified sine wave (MSW)
Internal / 12V DC accessory
plug: 10A
Battery clip cables / 12V DC
accessory plug
10°C and 20°C (50°F and 68°F)
0°C and 40°C (32°F and 104°F)

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Table of Contents

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