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Table of Contents
Conference System
Software Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DICENTIS Conference System Software Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Software requirements License requirements 3.4.1 License overview Security measures GUI languages Software installation Installing the DICENTIS software suite Downloading software to the devices Adding third-party application to a device Software server Adding and removing licenses 5.1.1 Activation tool description 5.1.2 Initial activation of the system 5.1.3...
  • Page 4 Adding additional keyboards to a device 12.2 Attaching a (remote) SQL server to DICENTIS 12.3 Changing NetTime options 12.4 Configuring secretary’s PC for use in other VLAN as DICENTIS server 12.5 Disabling control encryption 12.6 Downgrading DICENTIS software to a previous version 12.7 Creating a clean database 12.8...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents | En

    DICENTIS Table of contents | en 13.2.5 Meeting application and DICENTIS device 13.2.6 Camera control Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 6: Safety

    These instructions are supplied together with all equipment that can be connected to the mains supply. Safety precautions Some of the DICENTIS Conference System products are designed to be connected to the public mains network. To avoid any risk of electric shock, all interventions must be carried out with disconnected mains supply.
  • Page 7: About This Manual

    About this manual | en About this manual The manual provides information on how to configure the DICENTIS Conference System, prepare meetings, and manage prepared meetings in the Meeting application. This manual does not describe the hardware installation and user operating instructions. If required, refer to the DICENTIS Hardware Installation manual and DICENTIS User Operation manual.
  • Page 8: How To Use This Manual

    – Chapter 3: System Overview, page 13 - provides a high-level description of the DICENTIS Conference System. A brief description of the system hardware and software is included, as well as an overview of the software licenses/modules.
  • Page 9: Copyright And Disclaimer

    For information on getting permission for reprints and excerpts, contact Bosch Security Systems B.V.. The content and illustrations are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Page 10: Document History

    V1.5 New sections: 3.4.1, 3.5, 9.12, 9.13, 9.14, 9.15, 9.16, 10.2 with sub-sections 10.2.1 through 10.2.5. Sections updated: 3.2, 3.4, 4.1, 5.3, 6, 6.2.3, 6.3.4, 6.3.7, 6.3.10, 6.3.11, 6.4.3, 9.4. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 11 Windows Server added. – Uniform discussion settings. – Display participant image of active speaker. – Easy arranging of Synoptic icons. – Option to switch between Microphone control and Voting results. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 12 – Several audio options added. – Speech timer functionality added. – Panasonic SDI/IP cameras are supported via Panasonic CGI commands. – Sony SDI/IP cameras are supported via Sony CGI commands. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 13: System Overview

    DICENTIS System Overview | en System Overview The DICENTIS Conference System is an IP based conference system which runs on an OMNEO compatible Ethernet network. It is used for distributing and processing audio, video and data signals. Refer to the latest “Release notes” for important information.
  • Page 14 - Routes the system data via Ethernet. - Provides power to the DICENTIS devices via PoE. CAT‑5e Ethernet cable (minimum requirement). Optional video camera (Bosch Onvif Profile-S, Sony IP cameras via CGI commands, or Panasonic HD Integrated IP) + external power supply: –...
  • Page 15 DICENTIS System Overview | en – Dotted line = HD-SDI (coax cable) – Black with arrow = Ethernet TCP/IP – Black straight line = DCNM-cable Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 16 The Meeting application. DICENTIS software server The DICENTIS software server is a set of windows services. These services do not have a user interface and are run in the background to control and monitor all of the DICENTIS devices and client PCs running the Meeting application. The software server also includes a license activation module.
  • Page 17: Hardware Requirements

    Hardware requirements This section lists the minimal requirements for each part of the system. For an overview of which parts are required or optional, see the DICENTIS manual System Overview sections. A PC can be used for three purposes: PC running the server software in a multi‑PC system.
  • Page 18 8‑port router). – Non-blocking backplane per switching port, i.e. 2 Gbit per port (e.g. 16 Gbps for an 8‑port router). – MAC address table of at least 1000 addresses per directly connected subnet. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 19: Network Requirements

    System Overview | en Network requirements If the DICENTIS Conference System is being used as a standalone system, it uses the so‑called dynamic link‑local addresses. This means that the TCP/IPv4 setting of the server PC and client PCs need to be set to "Obtain an IP address automatically". Normally, these settings are default and therefore do not require PC network configuration settings.
  • Page 20: License Overview

    Note: This license is always required and must be installed first to activate the system. DCNM-LCC DICENTIS System Camera Control DICENTIS Camera Control enables the use of Bosch Onvif compliant cameras in the DICENTIS Conference System and DICENTIS Wireless System. DCNM systems require system license DCNM LSYS.
  • Page 21 Enables use of a unique username (and password) for logging in to a DICENTIS Multimedia device – NFC tag can be used to log in a DICENTIS wireless Device Extended, DICENTIS Discussion device with voting, DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector, DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen or a DCNM-MMD2 device –...
  • Page 22 DICENTIS DCNM-LSSL DICENTIS Select Language at Seat The DICENTIS Select Language at Seat license enables the language selection feature of the DICENTIS Multimedia and DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen. The DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector has the functionality built-in. Requires system license DCNM‑LSYS.
  • Page 23: Security Measures

    Prevent unauthorized physical and logical access to the wired Ethernet connection of the DICENTIS network – Place the DICENTIS network in a separate VLAN – Use a firewall GUI languages The DICENTIS Conference System has the following GUI languages: de en es ko nl Multimedia • • •...
  • Page 24: Software Installation

    – Network installation: – This is not part of one of our Bosch Security Systems B.V. manuals, and needs to be defined together with your local IT department. Refer to Hardware requirements, page 17 and Network requirements, page 19. –...
  • Page 25: Downloading Software To The Devices

    DICENTIS Server Console in the Windows taskbar and then clicking “Restart services”. Notice! In a DICENTIS system with an ARNI, a restart of the services via the Server Console may take up to 3 minutes. If you want to restart the services, please use the stop services function in the Server Console, wait for 30 seconds and then use the start services function in the Server Console.
  • Page 26 Click Upload. Notice! If the new APK is not shown on the home screen of the multimedia device, try to click the home button several times, or reboot the multimedia device. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 27: Software Server

    Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). Notice! The DICENTIS System Software includes an SMA that is valid for one year from the date of activating the DICENTIS System Software. 5.1.1 Activation tool description –...
  • Page 28: Initial Activation Of The System

    If you want to add additional fulfillments/licenses to the system, the system must have a valid SMA. This ensures for correct functioning of the latest DICENTIS features. Caution! Upgrading the DICENTIS system without having a valid SMA can cause the system to stop functioning. Add additional fulfillments/licenses as follows: Open the Activation tool, and check the activation date of the system.
  • Page 29: Returning And Repairing A License

    Use the Returning a license function of the Activation tool to either: – return a license. – release a license, so that you have the possibility to install the DICENTIS software on another server instead. To return a license: Select the fulfillments you want to return.
  • Page 30: Server Console

    In Windows Server 2008 and 2012, a console application is provided for showing the status of the DICENTIS server. The DICENTIS server console icon is displayed in the notification area of the DICENTIS server PC, i.e. on the right side of the taskbar next to the time.
  • Page 31: Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (Rstp) Support

    Software server | en Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) support The DICENTIS system supports redundant cabling when the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) is enabled. By default RSTP is disabled to prevent network failures in a system where RSTP is not supported or allowed.
  • Page 32: Meeting Application

    By default, the DICENTIS Meeting application will automatically log in when the windows login user name is the same as a user name in the DICENTIS system. In this case, the authorization rights of this user will be used for the DICENTIS Meeting application.
  • Page 33 Create a separate subnet on a different VLAN, for the DICENTIS system in the network. – Create routing between the DICENTIS and corporate subnets. Note: Do not use a second NIC for the DICENTIS server to create a solution with the DICENTIS server as step-stone between the DICENTIS system and corporate network. –...
  • Page 34 (like Service technicians) are usually not registered in the customer’s authentication system. For these groups do not enable Windows Authentication. This means their password has to be stored in the Meeting Application. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 35: User Rights And Meeting Rights

    DICENTIS Meeting application | en User rights and meeting rights To use functions, certain rights are needed. DICENTIS provides two types of rights: User rights – User rights are defined in User groups, page 52. Meeting rights – Meeting rights are defined per seat and per participant in a meeting.
  • Page 36 Audio Powering Switch or Powering Switch device. DICENTIS devices that are powered via a PoE switch, must be powered on with the “Power on” button of the DICENTIS MMD instead. These devices will also power up when the PoE port disables and enables PoE functionality.
  • Page 37: Manage

    If the Auto Open function is enabled, the meeting is automatically opened. When the Activate button is not shown: – the seat to which the PC is assigned to, does not have "manage meeting" rights or, Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 38: Agenda

    A simplified ad-hoc voting round can be held during a prepared meeting by entering the details of the voting round during the meeting. Manage a voting round In the Meeting application, click the Manage icon. Make sure the meeting is activated and open. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 39 Depending on the installed licenses and system settings, a voting results file is created on the DICENTIS server when a voting round is opened. During a voting round, data is saved to this file as applicable. The voting results file is closed when the voting round is closed. For more information, refer to: –...
  • Page 40: Discussion

    When a waiting participant is selected (clicked on), the following options are available: – Shift: Shifts the selected participant from waiting to speaking. – Remove: Removes the selected waiting participant from the list. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 41: Menu

    Voting script, page 49. – A meeting is activated and open. Note: Prepared voting screens have a subject and description displayed on the multimedia or discussion extended device; the voting results are stored. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 42: Prepare

    See following sub-heading: “Configure system for use with NFC tags”. – Password: Button for changing the password of a user. The security fields are used for enabling logon in the Meeting application and the multimedia devices. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 43 – Make sure a suitable NFC-USB card reader is connected to the USB port of the Client (secretary’s) PC. Bosch Security Systems B.V. recommends using one of the following Smart Card Readers: HID Omnikey 5022 CL, HID Omnikey 5421, Identiv SCM PC-Card uTrust 470x F, or Sony USB NFC Reader RC-S380/S.
  • Page 44: Discussion Profiles

    Allow request to speak: When selected, request‑to‑speak is allowed. This is disabled when Open (automatic) is on. – Allow cancel request to speak: When selected, participants are allowed to cancel their request‑to‑speak. This is disabled when Open (automatic) is on. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 45 With DCNM-LPD license only: – Display image of speaker: When selected, the image of the first speaker during the meeting, as stored in the Participant details, is shown along with his/her participant details Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 46: Meetings

    When a new meeting is added, the Meeting details can be entered. – Use the copy icon to copy a meeting, including all meeting details. See also – Meeting details, page 47 – Participants, page 48 – Agenda, page 48 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 47: Meeting Details

    When one of the “Authenticate participant at seat” options is selected, a participant can only log on to a device that has been assigned to him/her in the Participants pane. See Participants, page 48. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 48: Participants

    To prepare a topic, select the new topic in the tree, and enter the required information, as described in: – Topic details, page 49 – Participant List, page 49 – Speaker waiting list, page 49 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 49: Topic Details

    Voting script: In the tree, click on Voting script (green tick mark). In the right pane, click on a row. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 50: Voting Round Details

    The voting round can be resumed and put on hold as required. The additional time is shown as a negative value. Participants can still cast or change their vote. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 51 When the voting round is open, interim and total results are not displayed on the multimedia devices, Meeting application, or API. Total and individual results are saved on the DICENTIS server. When the voting round is on hold or closed: –...
  • Page 52: Configure

    Authentication server. When disabled, the password will be checked against the password that is stored in the DICENTIS Meeting Application. When Windows Authentication is used, the PC running the DICENTIS services and the MMDs must be able to access the Windows Authentication server. The user name has to be used in combination with the domain, for example, USA\Bill where USA is the name of the domain and Bill is the user name of the user.
  • Page 53 Image server url: Address (IP address or host name) of the host running the image server. This is by default the same PC the DICENTIS Meeting Application is installed on. To avoid performance and/or space issues you can install the image server on a different computer.
  • Page 54 The settings of the H.264 stream are: ‑ 720p25 or 720p30. ‑ Target bit‑rate 2Mbit/s ‑ Maximum bit-rate 2.5Mbit/s. ‑ GOP length 15 (also known as I-Frame distance). ‑ No B‑frames, I and P frames only. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 55: Audio Settings

    OFF: Audio connected to In 1 is always routed to the delegate loudspeakers, delegate headphones, and the PA output. – In 2: Sets the sensitivity of Dante  / OMNEO input 2. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 56 Dante Controller which can be downloaded from the Audinate website. Note: The Dante Virtual Device is running on the DICENTIS Conference System server for the Dante functionality. Only one Dante device can be active on a computer, therefore it is not possible to install any other Dante device on the DICENTIS Conference System server.
  • Page 57 Dante 2 outputs. The range is from 3 dB up to 30 dB. Headroom is the buffer you have against transient peaks or loud sounds before the system goes into clipping. See also – Audio routing settings, page 58 Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 58: Audio Routing Settings

    When selected: – The number of free language selection licenses will be decreased. – On the licensed multimedia devices the available languages can be selected and listened. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 59: Camera Settings

    Overview: Defines the camera used as the overview camera. The following video options are supported: – Bosch Onvif (compliant) cameras. – Panasonic SDI/IP cameras which support HD Integrated Camera Interface Specifications version 1.06. The H.264 stream of the Panasonic cameras is not supported. An external H.264 encoder is required if the H.264 stream needs to be displayed on the multimedia...
  • Page 60 For specific video camera types see “System Overview” , page 13. Notice! Ensure that the Bosch Onvif Camera has firmware 5.80 or higher, with the following settings: - H.264. - Set the main frequency of the HD conference dome from 50Hz to 60Hz to reduce the latency (Settings\Advanced mode\Camera\Installer Menu).
  • Page 61: Seats And Devices

    However, other video input solutions and even HD-cameras that convert their video through encoders can be configured, so that the DICENTIS system can detect them as if they are supported cameras. The provided video streams should comply with the standards used within the system (e.g.
  • Page 62 VIS type (Very Important Seat): This drop-down list is used to assign additional microphone authorizations to a seat, independent of the microphone mode and the number of open microphones: – None: No VIP settings selected. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 63 Voting sessions can be managed and controlled (DCNM-MMD2, Meeting Application, and API). – Votes can be cast on licensed DICENTIS devices, by touching the color-coded representative button on the displays of the devices. – The voting results are automatically displayed as color-coded bar graphs on the displays of the conference devices (Meeting Application, multimedia device, DCNM- DE, Synoptic application, and API).
  • Page 64 Has Volume Control check‑box: Allows the device to control the master volume (DCNM- MMD2, Meeting Application, and API). – Dual Use check‑box: Allows the device to be shared by two participants (DCNM-D, DCNM- DE, and DCNM-DSL only). Requires software license DCNM-LSDU. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 65: Language Selection

    Abbreviation – the abbreviation for the language is displayed. System Channels are available when at least 1 DCNM‑LSSL license is detected. – Floor output from DICENTIS: Configures the device and its input number used for delivering the Floor audio to the DCN Next generation system. –...
  • Page 66 Channel. For information on how to do this, refer to the DCN Next Generation installation manual. The push/rotate button on the Omneo Media Interface (PRS-4OMI4) is used to configure: – which Omneo input is used to receive the Floor audio from DICENTIS. To do this: – select the Omneo Input number. –...
  • Page 67: Languages

    – Supplies power to the DICENTIS devices. 12. DCNM‑CBxx: – DCNM system Network Cables for connecting DICENTIS components to each other. 13. Multimedia device, DCNM-DE , DCNM-DSL : – Participants can select between Floor and the interpreted languages on the DICENTIS devices.
  • Page 68: Post-Meeting Tools

    DICENTIS Post-meeting tools Depending on the installed licenses and system settings, the DICENTIS system can automatically create XML meeting notes files and voting results files that can be used for post meeting analysis (i.e. for making the minutes of a meeting). The meeting notes files and voting results files have their own XSLT style sheets that enable the XML content to be easily viewed in a browser.
  • Page 69: Voting Results File

    DCNM‑LSVT. To view the meeting notes: Browse to the same folder you selected to save the meeting notes in on the DICENTIS server. See explanation in Meeting notes location in section Rooms, page 52. The XML files are displayed by subject and date and time.
  • Page 70: Modifying The Xslt Style Sheets

    DICENTIS To view the voting results file: Browse to the same folder you selected to save the meeting notes in on the DICENTIS server. See explanation in Meeting notes location in section Rooms, page 52. The XML files are displayed by subject and date and time.
  • Page 71 Add any new customization to VotingResult_new.xslt, as required. Rename VotingResult_new.xslt to VotingResult.xslt. Note: The installer will always overwrite MeetingResult_new.xslt and VotingResult_new.xslt during a software update, therefore you should not use these filenames to store any custom settings. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 72: System Extension

    Routed Network Interface). For the system setup, refer to System extension in the Hardware Installation Manual. An ARNI is used to increase the number of DICENTIS devices on a single subnet and to connect multiple DICENTIS system subnets. If more than one subnet is required, two types of ARNI must be used.
  • Page 73 When configuring a switch with VLANs, ensure the following: – Use the ARNI as the DHCP server for all VLANs that will contain DICENTIS devices, DCNM‑APS and DCNM‑PS units. For other VLANs, you may use any other DHCP server. –...
  • Page 74: Configuring An External Hd-Sdi Switcher

    To control an HD‑SDI video switcher, the External Video service must be installed first. This service is part of the DICENTIS setup wizard. During installation, make sure the checkbox for “Bosch DICENTIS Ext.VideoSwitcher” is selected - this checkbox is not selected by default! After the service has been installed, it must be configured.
  • Page 75 1 to X (numeric) for the TvOne and Kramer model. Slot_<X>_in_<Y> for the TvOneCorioMatrix. For Example: Slot_5_in_1 (for input 1 of the SDI input card which is inserted in slot Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 76 For example: Slot_3_out_1 (for output 1 of the SDI output card which is inserted in slot 3). <OutputConfig> <Output> <VideoSwitchOutput></VideoSwitchOutput> </Output> </OutputConfig> Notice! If switcher information, such as switcher model, IP port has changed, a restart of the External video-switcher service is required. 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 77: Synoptic Microphone Control

    Synoptic Microphone Control is automatically installed with the server software on the server PC. A user account called “Synoptic” has been created automatically. This user is necessary for the communication between the web application and the DICENTIS server. Precondition –...
  • Page 78: Manage Synoptic Microphone Control

    Synoptic Microphone Control. Notice! If the IP-address of the DICENTIS server has changed, the synoptic control button may no longer be found in the Meeting Application. To solve this, go manually to the correct address once: http://<IP address DICENTIS Server or hostname>/synopticcontrol.
  • Page 79 If the Synoptic webclient device has power off capabilities it can be powered off by: - a participant who has “Manage meeting” rights, - a user (who is not part of the User group participants). Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 80: System Activation Website

    System Activation Website The main purpose of the System Activation Site website ( is to activate DICENTIS licenses, as described in Initial activation of the system, page 28 and Adding additional fulfillments/licenses, page 28. This website can also be used to: –...
  • Page 81: Overview

    The name of the customer. City The city where the customer is located. Activation ID The activation ID for activating the license. Activation date The date the license was activated. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 82: Manage License

    To use this page, the logged in user must have the user right “Admin user”. Use the Manage dealers page to view and manage the information of (sub)dealers. This page is normally used by a Bosch Dealer to assign orders to (sub)dealers. Create dealer Click this button to create sub-organizations that can have activation IDs (Sales orders) assigned to them.
  • Page 83: Hints And Tips

    10. Check the other keyboards. 11. Go to the browser, and press the address bar to display the keyboard. 12. Press the ‘keyboard icon’ in the ‘android bottom bar’ next to the Bosch logo. 13. Select the keyboard you want to use.
  • Page 84: Attaching A (Remote) Sql Server To Dicentis

    The name of the SQL server to use (default: .SQLEXPRESS). This SQL server must be reachable by the DICENTIS PC. – The connection credentials to connect to the DICENTIS database. This can be either windows authentication or SQL authentication. –...
  • Page 85 Optionally, the command can be added with the –n option to force the creation of a new database (the old database will be dropped). – When the -n option is omitted, the presence of the database is checked, backed up, and upgraded when needed. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 86 ConfHallE53. The changes to the configuration will be (the changed elements are underlined): Note: In this situation, the term Integrated Security=True is removed. Database creation: Remote: On target: 2017.02 | V1.9 | Software Manual Bosch Security Systems B.V.
  • Page 87: Changing Nettime Options

    The secretary (or clerk) should use the Meeting Application on his/her PC to prepare meetings. If the secretary’s PC is in a different VLAN than the DICENTIS server, the Meeting Application cannot find the DICENTIS server. This is because the DICENTIS devices and the Meeting Application use the DNS-SD protocol, which does not work between different VLANs.
  • Page 88 If you are unable to ping the DICENTIS server, you might require assistance from your local IT department. If you still cannot ping the DICENTIS server, the IP address can be used instead. However, this is not preferred because IP-addresses may change.
  • Page 89: Disabling Control Encryption

    12.6 Downgrading DICENTIS software to a previous version Uninstalling DICENTIS software and installing a previous version will not result in a working system. Use the following procedure to downgrade your DICENTIS system from the current version to a previous version: From the Windows Start icon, select Control Panel >...
  • Page 90: Creating A Clean Database

    Reboot the DICENTIS server. 12.9 Installing the image server on a different computer For reasons of improving performance and/or saving space, you can install the DICENTIS image server on a different computer: Open the DVD. Locate the DccnmApi.msi and DccnmImageServer.msi.
  • Page 91: Making A Copy Of Your Database

    Recovering devices from fail-safe mode Although the utmost has been done to safeguard the availability of the system, a situation can occur where a DICENTIS device enters a fail-safe mode which requires a reload of the firmware. To reload the firmware: Power up the device.
  • Page 92 More info hyperlink for voting is pressed. The disadvantage, however, is that individual hyperlinks have to be entered in the prepare pages for each folder. By default DICENTIS (version 1.5 and later) installs the Internet Information Server and creates a meetingdocuments directory and simple website to enable document browsing. The meeting documents directory is installed on the drive that has the most space available on the server.
  • Page 93: Configuring The Date And Time Format Of The Dicentis Multimedia Device

    Optional: Also do this for each agenda item and each voting round of a meeting. 12.14 Configuring the date and time format of the DICENTIS Multimedia device The DICENTIS Multimedia devices (DCNM-MMD and DCNM-MMD2) are using the following date and time settings from the server PC: – Time-zone –...
  • Page 94: Troubleshooting

    – 15.2.2E (c3560e-universalk9-mz.152-2.E.bin) Issue: Connecting, out of the box, DICENTIS devices to a network switch can cause connection problems because the DICENTIS devices have Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) enabled by default and not all network switches support this protocol.
  • Page 95: Software And Hardware Installation

    Troubleshooting | en Issue: Client PC does not connect to DICENTIS server when it is not in the same subnet. Solution: Define and configure the system in such a way that all Client PC’s are in the same subnet as the DICENTIS server.
  • Page 96 13.2.5 Meeting application and DICENTIS device Issue: The DICENTIS Server console shows a green tick mark notifying that all services are started correctly and the system is properly licensed, but: – the DCNM-APS / DCNM-APS2 shows a green blinking LED.
  • Page 97: Camera Control

    DICENTIS Troubleshooting | en 13.2.6 Camera control Issue: Camera pre-positions cannot be set at the seats. Solution: Close the Meeting application. Remove the file: C:\Users\«servername»\AppData\Local\Bosch \Bosch.Mmcn.UserInterfaces_... Restart the Meeting application. Bosch Security Systems B.V. Software Manual 2017.02 | V1.9 |...
  • Page 99 Bosch Security Systems B.V. Torenallee 49 5617 BA Eindhoven Netherlands © Bosch Security Systems B.V., 2017...

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