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Printing A Confidential Job; At The Printer; Printing And Deleting Held Jobs; Proof Print - Dell 5330dn User Manual

Mono laser printer.
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Printing Confidential and Stored Jobs
When you send a job to the printer, you can specify in the driver if you want the printer to hold the job in memory or hard disk. When you are ready to print
the job, you must go to the printer and use the operator panel menus to identify which job in the memory or hard disk you want to print. You can use this
function to print a confidential job (Secure Print), store a printing job (Store Print), or verify one copy before printing additional copies (Proof Print).
All confidential and stored jobs have a user name associated with them. To access confidential or stored jobs, select the type of job (confidential or stored)
and then select your user name from the user name list. Once you select your user name, you can either print all your confidential jobs or select an individual
print job. You can choose the number of copies for the print job or delete the print job.
Only Confidential and Proof printing are available with the base memory; for all other stored jobs options, you need to install the hard disk.
Please refer to the section "Using Hard disk" for details.
The confidential Jobs held in the memory (RAM) of the printer are deleted when the printer is turned off. The confidential Jobs held in Hard Disk
are deleted only after they are printed or deleted by administrator.

Printing a Confidential Job

When you send a confidential job to the printer, you must enter a personal identification number (PIN) from the driver. The PIN must be four digits using the
numbers 0-9. The job is held in printer memory until you enter the same four-digit PIN from the operator panel and choose to either print or delete the job.
This ensures the job prints only when you are there to retrieve it. No one else using the printer can print the job without the PIN.
1. From a word processor, spreadsheet, browser, or other application, select File
2. Click Properties. (If there is no Properties button, click Setup and then click Properties.)
3. Depending on the operating system, you might have to click the Other Options tab, and then click JOB TYPE.
4. Job Type pop-up box will prompt you, choose secure Print.
5. Enter a User Name and PIN.
6. Send your job to the printer.
Go to the printer when you are ready to retrieve your confidential print job, and follow the At the printer steps.

At the printer

When a printer receives a confidential or stored Jobs, it displays "Stored Job Press Select (
1. Press Select (
2. Press Scroll (
3. Press Scroll (
4. Enter your PIN by pressing Scroll (
5. Press Scroll (
6. Press Scroll (
After your job prints, it is deleted from printer memory.

Printing and Deleting Held jobs

Stored jobs (Proof Print, Delayed Print, or Public Mailbox) are printed or deleted from the printer operator panel and do not require a PIN number.

Proof Print

If you send a Proof Print job, the printer prints one copy and holds the remaining copies you requested in printer memory. Use Proof Print to examine the
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) to access the confidential and stored Job at the printer.
) to highlight your user name, and then press Select (
) to highlight Confidential jobs, and then press Select (
) until you see the number you want and press Select (
) to highlight the job you want to print, and then Select (
) to highlight the option you want (Print 1 copy, Print copies, or Delete), and then press Select (
)" on the operator panel.
). Repeat for each number.


Table of Contents

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