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Section 4: Operating Instructions; Panel Control Buttons; 1: Acknowledge/Step; 2: Alarm Silenced (Domestic/Export Versions)/Signal Silence (Canadian Version) - Honeywell MRP-2002 Instruction Manual

Agent release control system six-zone releasing fire control panel
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Section 4: Operating Instructions

A factory programmed Template has been provided to facilitate the installation and configuration
of the Fire Alarm Control Panel. The factory default programming for this panel is Template #1.
Refer to "FACP Configuration Templates" on page 100 for a detailed description of the FACP oper-
ation for Template #1.

4.1 Panel Control Buttons

4.1.1 Acknowledge/Step
The first press of the Acknowledge/Step key silences the piezo sounder, changes flashing LEDs to
steady and also changes the status field on the LCD display from capital letters to small letters
(TROUBL to Troubl). When the piezo is silenced, an acknowledge message is sent to the printer and
the history file. Acknowledge also sends a silence piezo command to the optional annunciators con-
nected to the FACP. The Acknowledge key will have no effect on the Notification Appliance Cir-
When more than one event exists, the first press of the Acknowledge/Step key functions as
described in the preceding paragraph. Subsequent pressing of the key steps through each active
4.1.2 Alarm Silenced (Domestic/Export Versions)/Signal Silence
(Canadian Version)
The Alarm Silenced/Signal Silence key performs the same functions as Acknowledge/Step, except
it will not step through each event when multiple events are present at the panel. In addition, if an
alarm exists, it turns off all silenceable NACs (Notification Appliance Circuits) and causes the
Alarm Silenced indicator to turn on. It also sends an 'alarm silenced' message to the printer, history
file and optional annunciators. A subsequent new alarm will resound the system NACs. The Alarm
Silenced indicator is turned off by pressing the Reset key, the Drill key or subsequent activation of
the NACs.
1. If Silence Inhibit has been enabled, NACs cannot be silenced for one minute following initiation
of an alarm.
2. When a system is configured for dual hazard operation, an alarm in one hazard area may
reactivate notification appliance circuits programmed for that area only.
4.1.3 Drill/Hold 2 Sec (Domestic/Export Versions)/Alarm Signal
(Canadian Version)
When the Drill/Alarm Signal key is held for a minimum of two seconds (time required to prevent
accidental activations), the FACP turns on all NAC outputs except Releasing Circuits and turns off
the Alarm Silenced indicator if it was previously on. The EVAC IN SYSTEM message is shown on
the LCD display. The same message is sent to the printer and history file. The Alarm Silence/Signal
Silence key can be used to turn off all silenceable NAC outputs following activation by the
Drill/Alarm Signal key.
4.1.4 Reset
Pressing and releasing the Reset key turns off all NACs, temporarily turns off resettable power to 4-
wire detectors, causes a RESET IN SYSTEM message to be displayed on the LCD and sends the
same message to the printer and history file. It also performs a lamp test by turning on all LEDs,
MRP-2002 Series Instruction Manual — P/N 53049:E5 7/28/2016


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