Description (Fig. A); Know Your Machine; Safety Instructions - Black & Decker GT249 Instruction Manual

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This manual provides operating and maintenance
instructions for all of the hedgetrimmers in the
Black & Decker GT250/260 range including the

Description (Fig. A)

1. Front handle switch
2. Front handle
3. Rear switch
4. Handle guard (GT251C & GT261C)
5. Front guard (GT249C, GT250C,
GT259C & GT260C)
6. Blade
7. Blade sheath

Know your machine

Warning! When using electric tools, basic
safety precautions should always be taken to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and
personal injury.
Read this manual carefully, observing
all of the recommended safety instructions
before, during and after using your
machine. Maintain your machine in good
working order.
Familiarise yourself with the controls on your
machine before attempting to operate it,
but above all, be sure you know how to stop
the machine in an emergency.
Retain this manual and all other literature
supplied for future reference.

Safety instructions

Dress properly. Do not wear loose
clothing or jewellery which could get
caught in moving parts. Always wear
stout, non-skid footwear and gloves
when operating your machine and
make sure that long hair is kept away
from the blades.
Protect your eyes/ears. Use safety
glasses or goggles while operating your
Instruction Manual
machine. If the sound level seems
uncomfortable, use ear protection.
Use outdoor extension cords. Never
use an indoor extension cable for use
with this machine.
Do not abuse the cord. Never carry the
hedgetrimmer by its cord or yank the
cord to disconnect it from the socket.
Keep the cord away from heat, oil and
sharp edges.
Remove the plug from the mains
immediately if the cable is damaged
or cut.
Inspect hedge. Ensure that the hedge
has nothing lying on top of it or beside it,
e.g. barbed wire or railings which may
damage your machine.
Consider the work environment.
Do not use the machine in the rain or
allow it to get wet or damp. Keep the
work area well lit. Do not use in the
presence of flammable liquids or gases.
Avoid unintentional starting. Do not
carry a plugged-in tool with a finger on
the switch.
Before using the machine. Disconnect
it from the electrical supply and visually
check that the blade fixings are secure.
A damaged blade or loose blade nuts are
a major hazard and must be replaced.
Always be sure that your machine is in a
safe operating condition.
Guard against electric shock.
Avoid touching grounded surfaces
(e.g. railings, lamp posts etc.) while using
your machine.
Keep people away while the machine
is in use. Do not allow children, other
people or animals near your machine
while you are using it - always keep them
at least 6m (20ft) away from the cutting
area and never let anyone touch the
machine or the extension cord.
Do not force the tool. It will do the job
better and more safely at the rate for
which it was intended.

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Table of Contents

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