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Description; Safety Instructions; Training; Preparation - Black & Decker GL200 User Manual

String trimmer
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String Trimmer
On your purchase of your Black & Decker string
This user manual provides important operating and
maintenance instructions for all of the string trimmers
in the Black & Decker GL200/GL300 range.
Your trimmer has the following features for your benefit:
Light body for ease and manoeuvrability.
Switch guard to prevent accidental starting.
Powerful motor to cope with most conditions.
Sturdy guard for safety.

Know your trimmer

Read all of this manual carefully, observing all
the recommended safety instructions before,
during and after using your trimmer, and
maintain your trimmer in good working order.
Familiarise yourself with the controls on your
trimmer before attempting to operate it, but
above all, be sure you know how to stop
your trimmer in an emergency.
Retain this user manual and all other
literature supplied with your trimmer for
future reference.


Following is a list of parts that will be mentioned in
this user manual and are shown in the figures:
1. Body
2. Switch lever
3. Switch guard
4. Air slots
5. Nylon line
6. Guard
7. Line trimming blade
8. Spool housing
9. Square
10. Arrow
11. Ridge
12. Slot (Trimmer Body)
13. Spring finger
14. Spool
15. Guard screw hole
16. Slot (Spool housing)
17. Inner cover
18. Groove

Safety instructions


Never allow children or persons who are
unfamiliar with this type of trimmer to use
it, nor anyone who has not read this user
Do not allow children, animals or other
persons near your trimmer when in use -
always keep them at least 6m (20ft) away
from the cutting area.
Remember that the operator is
responsible for accidents or hazards
occurring to other people or their property.
Your trimmer is designed for use on AC
(mains) electrical supplies only - do not
attempt to use it on any other supply.
Plug your trimmer into a power point -
never a lighting socket.
Never carry your trimmer by the cable or
jerk the cable to seperate the
connectors. Keep the cable away from
heat sources, oils or sharp edges. Check
the condition of your cable before use
and do not use if damaged.


To protect your feet, always wear stout
shoes or boots - freshly cut grass is
damp and slippery.
Rubber or man-made footwear will
enhance your safety.
Do not operate your trimmer barefoot or
in open sandals.
Use protective equipment. Wear safety
spectacles or goggles whilst operating
your trimmer. Use ear protection if the
sound level seems uncomfortable when
using your trimmer.
Use a face mask if dusty.
Wear long trousers to protect your legs -
any debris left on the lawn or cutting path
may be picked up and ejected by the line.
The power supply cable should be
regularly inspected for signs of damage or
ageing, and only used if in good condition.
User manual

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