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Table of Contents
Plug replacement
Disconnect the plug from the supply.
Cut off the plug and dispose of
immediately. Insertion of a detatched
plug into a 13 amp socket outlet may
result in electric shock.
Only fit BS1363A approved plugs fitted
with the correctly rated fuse.
Fit a
Connect blue
to N (neutral)
Make sure that the
outer sheath of the
cable is held firmly
by the clamp
The cable wire colours, or a letter, will be
marked at the connection points of most
good quality plugs. Attach the wires to
their respective points in the plug
(see above). Brown is for "Live" (L) and
blue is for "Neutral" (N).
Before replacing the top cover of the
mains plug ensure that the cable restraint
is holding the outer sheath on the cable
firmly and that the two leads are correctly
fixed at the terminal screws.
Warning! Never connect live or neutral wires
to the earth pin marked "E" or
Note: Do not wire an extension cable
directly into your machine yourself.
Instead, take your machine to your
nearest Black & Decker service centre.
Increased safety can be obtained by having
a qualified electrician install a high sensitivity
(30mA 30mS) circuit breaker in the house
wiring. If you do not wish to have one
installed, then we strongly recommend that
the electrical power to the machine be
supplied through a high sensitivity residual
current device (RCD). The RCD is designed
to provide a high degree of personal
protection against harmful electric current
should fault conditions occur.
Warning! The use of an RCD or other circuit
breaker unit does not release the operator of
the machine from the safety instructions and
safe working practices given in this manual.
We recommend that if your mains cable
is cut or requires replacement that you
Cable connection system
Black & Decker continually make every effort to
achieve the highest standards in performance, quality
and reliability and recommend the use of a new
outdoor cable connection system.
Fit a 3 amp
fuse approved
The new system gives additional protection against
to BS1362
the possibility of water or moisture entering into the
cable connector during normal use.
Note: The new connection system does not release
the operator of the machine from the safety
precautions and safe working practices given in the
Connect brown
instruction leaflet. Particular attention is drawn to the
to L (live)
coupler system as being 'weather resistant' and not
suitable for immersion, submersion or being
subjected to water jets. Care should be taken to
240 volts AC only.
prevent the cable from lying or trailing through pools
Never use a light
of water or from splashing with hose pipes.
A6615 20m cable, socket, 13 amp plug
A6616 20m cable, socket, 13 amp plug and
A6617 30m cable, socket, 13 amp plug and
A6613 40m cable, socket, 13 amp plug and
Existing cable systems
Your hedge trimmer comes with either, 12 metre
cable attached (Cat. number ends with a C), or a
male connector built into the product. If you already
own an outdoor cable system, we recommend that
you replace the existing 'female' cable connector with
the new 'female' connector which is available
as an accessory from most major DIY retail outlets
and from Black & Decker service centres
(cat. no. A6624S).
When fitting the connector, follow the instructions
which are supplied with it. If in doubt, consult a
qualified electrician.
Existing powered garden tools
To connect existing Black & Decker garden power
tools to the new system you will require an adaptor
(see below). This is available as an accessory from
most major DIY retail outlets (cat. no. A6623S).
return your machine to a Black & Decker
service centre. When repaired, your
machine will be tested for electrical safety.
cable tidy frame
cable tidy frame
cable tidy reel
old 'female' connector
new 'female' connector

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