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Operating Instructions - Makita 4304 Instruction Manual

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Installing or removing the saw blade (Fig. 1 & 2)
Always be sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged before installing or removing the blade.
To install the blade, loosen the screw on the blade holder. With the blade teeth facing forward, insert the blade
into the blade holder as far as it will go. Make sure that the back edge of the blade fits into the roller. Then
tighten the screw to secure the blade.
Occasionally lubricate the roller.
Selecting the cutting action (Fig. 3)
This tool can be operated with an orbital or a straight line cutting action. To change the cutting action, just turn
the lever to the desired cutting action position. Refer to the table below to select the cutting action.
Straight line cutting action
Small orbit cutting action
Medium orbit cutting action
Large orbit cutting action
Switching ON and OFF
For 4304 (Fig. 4)
Before plugging in the tool, always check to see that
the switch trigger actuates properly and returns to the
"OFF" position when released.
To switch on, press the trigger. To switch off, release
the trigger.
For 4305 (Fig. 5)
Before plugging in the tool, always check to see that
the switch actuates properly.
To switch on, slide the switch lever forward. To switch
off, slide the switch lever backward.
Continuous running (Fig. 4)
For 4304 only
Press the trigger and at the same time move the lock
lever backward. To stop from this lock position, press
the trigger and release it.
Cutting action
For cutting mild steel, stainless steel and plastics.
For clean cuts in wood and plywood.
For cutting mild steel, aluminum and hard wood.
For cutting wood and plywood.
For fast cutting in aluminum and mild steel.
For fast cutting in wood and plywood.
Speed adjusting dial
(Fig. 4 for 4304 and Fig. 5 for 4305)
The tool speed can be adjusted between 500 and
3,000 strokes per minute by turning the adjusting
dial. The dial is marked 1 (lowest speed) to 6 (full
speed). Refer to the table below to select the proper
speed for the workpiece to be cut. However, the
appropriate speed may differ with the type or thick-
ness of the workpiece. In general, higher speeds will
allow you to cut workpieces faster but the service life
of the blade will be reduced.
Workpiece to be cut
Mild steel
Stainless steel
Cutting operation (Fig. 6)
Rest the base flat on the workpiece and gently move
the tool forward along the previously marked cutting
When cutting curves, advance the tool very
Number on
adjusting dial
5 – 6
3 – 6
3 – 4
2 – 3
1 – 4


Table of Contents

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